Autor De La Cancion Lo Legal

Remember that this process lasted about five years when José Luis Calderón pursued Águila Palencia; Claim the copyright of the song. Horacio Palencia tries to gather the evidence that will help him verify if the subject is his author, because he ensures that the composition process is properly documented, but he feels hurt by this situation. ” Lo legal ” is a song by Mexican singer El Bebeto. It is the first song written by singer-songwriter Espinoza Paz for El Bebeto. It was released on March 20, 2012 and is the second single from their second studio album Ese soy yo. The single peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Mexico Popular Airplay Charts.[2] The song was included on the album Eternamente mexiacano with a new version accompanied by Mariachi.[3] [4] “I had to get a million pesos to transport it as a depot, and I can`t leave the country. I stopped composing, producing songs, and the truth is that it influenced me a lot,” he continued. It also affects Banda MS`s audience, as the band cannot play the song in their live concerts until there is a solution on the authorship of the work. “I stopped composing and producing songs,” said the artist, who felt powerless to continue his activities due to the situation that keeps him in constant physical, emotional and mental exhaustion.

Horacio feels bad about this problem and regretted that the authorities have acceded to the request of a person like José Luis Calderón, who has devoted himself to lying, which has already done a lot of damage, not only for him, who came to show him as if he were a criminal, but also for his parents. which have nothing to do with this man`s complaint. Horacio points out that it seems unfair that the authorities have not yet confirmed who José Luis Calderón really is and that the trial is ongoing, although it has already been proven that he was lying. It all started when composer José Luis Calderón sued Águila Palencia claiming to be the author of the theme music, and as a result, the regional Mexican singer said he was affected economically and emotionally. Palencia said in a meeting with the media that the judge in charge of the case had established his connection to the trial and that there was still no final verdict. Three years after facing José Luis Calderón in a trial for the authorship of the song “Mi Razón de ser”, singer-songwriter Horacio Palencia assures that he will not stop singing this song and will continue to fight legally to prove it, because it seems neither fair nor ethical that he is defamed in this way. It is that you gave me back my lifeI do not fail or do not think to failThe legal thing is that you would not have hurt meThe legal thing is that you were always with me, with me, with me The legal thing is that you would have stayed with meDo not remind me that there were no reasonsSag no things, When the band recorded the song, which is one of their biggest hits, and on the album it seemed that the author was Horacio Palencia, Calderón sued both for plagiarism (2014) and first demanded that they stop singing their song, pay the royalties received and more, that the band is prevented from continuing to work. The legal thing is that after©everything I`ve been throughIt was too unfair to be goneI needed more than the air I breatheThe legal thing is that your kisses belonged to me “No, not at all trying to reach an agreement, I am not one of those who like to reward the impudence of people who dedicate themselves to this, because it`s an incentive for them to keep doing this kind of thing, so better by legal means, you have to fix things,” he said. The singer-songwriter has made it clear that he wants to prove to the judge who is right that the song is its author, so that he would in no way make an amicable settlement with Calderón. The former judge of La academia denied intending to lower the theme of music platforms, and on the contrary, he wants the public to continue to reproduce My Raison d`être, because he firmly adheres to the fact that the song is of his paternity and inspiration. The song has already been removed from music platforms as a measure, while the judge renders a verdict. “This link recognizes the authorship of the work for the benefit of the guanajuato José Luis Calderón Águila; while the FGR will continue the investigations against Eduardo Palencia Cisneros (Horacio`s brother and owner of 90% of the rights to the work), José Ramiro Palencia Vargas (Horaco`s father and shareholder of a company of which Horacio is a director) and Sergio Lizárraga Lizárraga (now an American citizen), director of the MS Band (which is protected), all in order to profit economically from the unauthorized exploitation of the famous song”, indicates the pursuit.

The music video for “Lo legal” was released on October 24, 2012, was produced by Disa Latín Music under the direction of José Serrano Montoya and has nearly 60 million views on Youtube. [5] The singer-songwriter`s lawyers denounced irregularities during his trial and even pointed to the singer`s human rights violations. It`s that life has been returned to meI didn`t fail or think of failingFui legal Supposedly since 2016, José Luis Calderón Águila is suing Palencia for claiming to be the author of the popular song that Banda MS placed in the charts of Mexico and the United States. If the lawsuit is won, the plaintiff will receive millions of pesos in accumulated royalties. On the other hand, the Mexican judicial system of the Federal Center of Criminal Justice of Mexico City, based in the Reclusorio Oriente, mentioned: “In early April 2022, Mr. Horacio Palencia Cisneros filed several pleadings before the court, including the appointment of his private lawyers to represent him in the criminal proceedings against him, as well as various writings in which various irregularities of the plaintiff Mr. José Luis Calderón Águila have made it known whether, at the date of this statement, there is information about the agreements that have fallen on the petitions of my sponsor, which prevents me from leaving Mr. Horacio Palencia Cisneros, can have access to the file of the court for the procedures or proceedings of his trial”, the letter reads. Isidro Chávez Espinoza, artistically known as Espinoza Paz, is a Mexican musician and singer-songwriter specializing in the styles of the bands Sinaloan, Norteño and Mariachi. “I`m dedicated to making music, doing positive things for society, and in a way that the government allows these kinds of people who don`t have a trajectory, who have a history of blackmail, who have done the same thing with other people, who still allow them to do that, that`s the part that worries me the most, but I`m sure the government will end up doing it right,” he said.

“Another thing I want to clarify. They earned me a lot of hate. They think I removed the song. I didn`t do it because it`s my song and I want people to keep playing it and playing it. Everything was on the side of the plaintiffs,” the singer explained. The process has already become lengthy, as both parties have won and lost proceedings based on the evidence presented and the judge has not yet rendered the final verdict. However, the controversy surrounding this case is still in place and Horacio Palencia`s defense said in a statement published by TVyNovelas media that several “serious violations and omissions” were observed after the trial.