Bctf Legal Aid Form

Both PDF forms can be completed and saved. After signing your completed form, please email it to lawyer.support@legalaid.bc.ca. To request a legal aid lawyer to represent you, it`s a good idea to call your local legal aid centre or visit this website for office hours. If you have changed your bank account or law firm, please complete the Lawyer Deposit Form below and email it to lawyer.support@legalaid.bc.ca. To request the reactivation of your provider number or to obtain the conditions of your eligibility to receive contracts, please complete this form: What happens if my financial situation changes after receiving legal aid? To request a supplier number (invoice number) in order to start processing mutual legal assistance cases, please fill out this form: you must provide proof of the financial information you will provide by fax or later to the nearest office. If LABC has deactivated your supplier number or imposed conditions on your eligibility to receive contracts, you must prove that you have indicated the reasons for the deactivation or the conditions. You can provide additional information to support your reactivation by attaching a letter and/or documents to your form. For more information about removing or changing the contract eligibility terms, see the Vendor Number Policy: Remove or Change Terms. If you have any questions about how to complete the forms, please contact us at 604-601-6155 or lawyer.support@legalaid.bc.ca. Before contacting us, please read the following information.

To receive your application, an employee will ask you for complete and truthful information on the following: If you want to start taking charge of legal aid files, ask for a provider number. See Form A below. Unless otherwise noted, the following forms are available in PDF format. All forms can be completed online or printed and completed by hand. You can save these forms or send them by e-mail. If you have any questions about using these forms, please send an email to our lawyer.support@legalaid.bc.ca support service. To apply for legal aid or to obtain legal information or advice, you can: It takes Legal Aid BC four business days to process your request to change bank details. If there is no place for legal aid in your area, or if you cannot get to the office, you can request legal representation by calling our national call centre. For more information about the reactivation process, see the manufacturer number reactivation policy. Please have all your financial and forensic information ready when you make a phone call (see below). If you need help completing this form, please contact your local association office or legal department at 604-871-1913 Updated contact information, member ID, expenses, public service announcement support, locals and payroll staff Once we have approved your application, we will send you an email notification with your supplier number and information on how to get started. The BCTF offers free legal assistance to members in all matters arising from the employment of members, including disciplinary proceedings before the Ethics Unit.

Send your completed application to legalaid@bctf.ca you can ask for a lawyer to help you with: Salary, medical and dental compensation, life insurance, work insurance, individual benefits Contains files that are shared with you as part of certain jobs such as models Teaching is a fulfilling profession that brings many rewards and challenges. However, teachers may also be the subject of allegations and complaints before the professional union of the Department of Teacher Regulation. On this page you will get some initial advice on what to do if you are contacted by the TRB. Salary grid, collective bargaining, collective agreements, teachers` pension scheme of the teacher qualification service, seminars on retirement, advice on retirement. You must be a current and practising member of the Law Society of British Columbia, otherwise we cannot process your application. Visit the Directorate General of Teacher Regulation page for an overview of the disciplinary process. Minutes and decisions, guidelines for members, board of directors, representative meeting, general meeting You must provide proof of your income. Proof of income may include one or more of the following options: Before submitting your application, you must read the AML rates, including the terms and conditions. Please provide us with an email address so that we can notify you when your payment is recorded. (This address may be different from the one on your lawyer vendor application form.) Once the payment is received, you can access your payment reports on the lawyer`s portal.

Under the Teaching Professions Act, the TTC has a legal mandate to regulate the professional management and competence of RTA members. Concerns about a teacher`s behavior can be brought to the attention of the TRB through a variety of sources, the most common of which are: reports of disciplinary action taken by a school district, personal complaints, and reports of criminal charges. The CRB will notify you in writing when they receive reports about your conduct. For a complete list of eligibility, see procedure 19.04 Legal Aid and Legal Aid We will also arrange your personal orientation session with a legal support representative. The LABC orientation programme entitles you to two CPD credits. WCB Appeals, Classroom Violence, Code of Ethics for Joint Health and Safety Committees, Judicial Council, Ethics Unit, Legal Assistance, Internal Mediation Service If you do not have all the documents we need, we will tell you what to do next.