Episode 168 – A Bar Above – Chris Tunstall

This episode features ⁠Chris Tunstall⁠ of ⁠A Bar Above.⁠

Chris began tending bar in 2003. At the time he was going to school for molecular biology. This education has transferred into his love oft cocktails. Once behind the bar everything clicked for him. In those early years he got deep into mixology. His knowledge began to grow exponentially regarding cocktail design. The next 15 years were consumed running bar programs in California. In 2013 the idea of providing access to mixology and cocktail information was conceved. This led to a ⁠YouTube⁠ Channel and a ⁠Facebook⁠ Group. The next endeavor was to create and produce high end barware. Our discussion provides a wonderful history and in-depth discussions into the development of mixology, bartending and the cocktail scene.

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Highlights From our Conversation:

Rittenhouse Rye⁠https://heavenhilldistillery.com/rittenhouse.php⁠

⁠Bulleit Whiskey⁠

⁠Koval Distillery⁠

⁠Beachbum Berry⁠

⁠Tom’s Town Distilling Co.⁠

⁠Scott’s Mini Woodshop⁠