Episode 191 – Goodlands Food Co. – Anna Dausman

Goodlands Food Co. is a Philly based hot sauce company that was a pandemic hobby that turned into something bigger. Anna had a community garden with a plot that she started growing ghost peppers. The amusing part is that the garden is in a cemetery so ghost peppers are quite befitting. Anna’s friends and family… Keep Reading

Episode 190 – Hercules Mulligan – Steve Luttmann

This episode features ⁠Steve Luttmann⁠ of ⁠Hercules Mulligan⁠. In 2015 Steve, who is a history buff, was reading Ron Chernow’s ” Alexander Hamilton”. He came across this character by the name of Hercules Mulligan. This lead him to an out of print biography about Hercules Mulligan. This is where the inspiration to make the libation came about. This… Keep Reading

Episode 189 – Phila Mead Co. – Steve and Rich Kassabian

This episode features Steve Kassabian and Rich Kassabian of Phila Mead Co. Steve has been a home brewing hobbies for about 10 years.. He and his brother Rich always wanted to do something together. Rich brings his business education and experience to the partnership. Looking at the landscape they determined that mead was best to… Keep Reading

Episode 188 – Dave’s Concoctions – Dave Broderick

This episode features ⁠Dave Broderick⁠ of ⁠Dave’s Concoctions⁠. Dave’s Concoctions are drink mixes that you can have as either a cocktail or a mocktail. In just two pours you can have an equally balanced cocktail with not a lot of effort. Dave was an IT Consultant for almost 30 years when he found himself out of a job.… Keep Reading

Episode 186 – Atelier Vie – Jedd Haas

This episode features ⁠Jedd Haas⁠ of ⁠Atelier Vie⁠. We met Jedd last year at Tails of the Cocktail. We were introduced to the many spirits that Atelier Vie was producing. Most notably was the Toulouse Rouge and Vert Absinthe. Jedd has been producing spirits in New Orleans since 2012. Getting the distillery up and running came with some… Keep Reading

Episode 185 – Durham Distillery – Lee Katrincic

This episode features ⁠Lee Katrincic ⁠of ⁠Durham Distillery⁠. The distillery became a passion project born out of being gin fans. Lee and his wife Melissa would travel and visit gin distilleries. Out of nowhere one anniversary, Melissa suggested that they open their own distillery. With their scientific backgrounds they felt comfortable to move forward. They headed west to… Keep Reading

Episode 184 – Eda Rhyne Distilling Company – Chris Bower

This episode features Chris Bower of⁠ Eda Rhyne Distilling Company⁠. Chris had been looking into doing a distillery for a number of years. He had been working on some home made projects. One day a mutual friend Rett Murphy came to Chris and shared that he’s been looking to create a distillery. Rett has been a… Keep Reading

Episode 183 – Perlick Distillery – Scott Perlick

This episode features ⁠Scott Perlick⁠ of ⁠Perlick Distillery⁠. The Perlick family and their ancestors have been farming the land in Northern Wisconsin since the 1920’s. It is a small county with about 17,000 people and two stop lights. They farm over 2,000 acres growing a wide variety of plants and grains. Scott and the family discussed what they… Keep Reading

Episode 182 – Bourbon Of The Week – Chris Littlewood

This episode features ⁠Chris Littlewood⁠ of Bourbon Of The Week. Chris started his YouTube Channel right before the start of Covid. It was a project to educate himself and other about whiskey. Chris’s introduction to all things whiskey came by the way of his someday to be father-in-law. Over time he began to enjoy the pours that… Keep Reading

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