Senior Legal Counsel Sky

License our cutting-edge legal content to strengthen your thought leadership and brand. Vicky Sandry, general counsel of media and telecommunications giant Sky, left the company after 22 years. The GC has been working for the media and telecommunications giant for 22 years. Sky`s typical senior legal adviser salary is £107,190. Salaries for senior legal advisers at Sky can range from £90,123 to £107,451. This estimate is based on 3 salary reports from Sky`s Senior Legal Advisor provided by staff or estimated on the basis of statistical methods. Taking into account bonuses and additional remuneration, a senior legal adviser at Sky can expect an average total salary of £107,451. Check out all senior legal advisor salaries to see how this is performing in the marketplace. What exactly does £90,123 – £107,451 look like? View the latest senior legal counsel jobs or review senior legal counsel salaries at other companies. See if they hire! Check out the latest Sky Jobs average salary for a senior legal counsel is £101,486 per year in the UK, 5% less than Sky`s average salary of £107,190 per year for this job. In a post she shared on LinkedIn on Monday, she wrote: “Last week was my last day at Sky after 22 fabulous years.

I`ve had the most incredible career at Sky, but I made the incredibly difficult decision that it was time for me to do other things – and I`ll decide what those things are once I have a break this summer. ».