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Another option is to buy a franchise. In this case, when you buy an experienced franchise, the franchisor has cleared the hurdles of business growth and branding, has marketing, support, storefront setup and many other things that allow you, as a new business owner, to enter and operate. However, this can result in a high price if you have the initial cost of purchasing the franchise and the ongoing monthly expenses as royalties for the franchisor of the business. Please note that all information on file with the Ontario Commercial Register, such as head office or other address information, will be included in the public registry and made available to the public for research purposes in accordance with corporate laws. Administrative information, such as submission contact information and official email address, will not appear in the public record. Building a brand is one of the most difficult aspects of starting a business and can resonate with people or not. It is very important to focus on the company name, font selection, colors, logo, etc. The company name is crucial and should be easy for people to say, spell and remember. These are three of the best practices when choosing a business name. You also want an identifier, as in what your company does.

Don`t waste your time or use words like company, global, products, services that are so general that no one has a clue what you`re doing. Name what you do in your company name. Not only is it a great identifier for people looking for what you offer, but it also gives you an SEO boost to your marketing. Search, register and renew a business name online. Business owners must consider a number of considerations when obtaining and renewing their business licences. You want to choose a business name that works for you and your business. It is very difficult to find a name that does not violate another trade name. Your name should be specific to you, what you do, the region you live in, the hours available, the speed or accuracy of your service, etc. All of these identifiers help create a unique name for you and your business. Yes, each company must keep the license in a highly visible part of that place of business.

Every person who holds a licence and does not have a fixed place of business must carry it with them at all times when carrying on business in the City of Ontario. Business Identification Number: A unique 9-digit number provided by the Province of Ontario for each registration submitted and completed. The BIN number can be found on your current Master Business license and is required when renewing a registration. To complete this process, you will need your PIN as well as the business information provided when you first registered the company. You can do this by email or phone, online or in person. You can also update certain business information about the primary business license with renewal, including business address, business activity, and owner address. A general partnership is subject to the classification of incorporation of a business known as a Master Business License. The partnership is specifically designed for 2 or more sole proprietorships or 2 or more registered corporations in Ontario. A trade name, also known as a DBA or Carry on Business Name, is subject to the incorporation classification of a company known as a Master Business License.

The operating name is specifically designed to register a secondary business name under an existing business that is already registered in Ontario. Once your business is registered, other provincial or municipal licensing requirements may be required. There is a useful tool called bizPaL that you can use to determine what additional licenses, if any, are needed for your specific business. Use this form to register a new business name or renew an existing business registration in Ontario, including a sole proprietorship (1 owner), a business name for a partnership (2+ owner), a business name for a corporation or a partnership (business name or DBA). To better serve Ontario, we created the Ontario Business Registry, which provides registered, registrant and licensed organizations with easier, faster and more convenient access to doing business in Ontario. Government-authorized service providers are available to help you with your transactions in Ontario`s new Business Register: A business entity or not-for-profit corporation may hire a business — called an intermediary — to transact on its behalf. Once you have completed the cancellation submission, your business name will appear as a cancellation and no longer as an active business in Ontario until the original expiry date has passed. As a small business owner, you may need to renew your business licence or registration. In Ontario, you must do this every five years or otherwise register your business as new. Businesses registered in Manitoba and Saskatchewan are renewed every 3 years, and businesses registered in Alberta and British Columbia do not have an expiry date. You need to complete your business renewal on time to avoid unwanted problems. Many entrepreneurs don`t even know that this is a requirement for their Master Business license.

Firms registered in Ontario have up to 60 days after the expiry date to complete this process. otherwise, they expire and are archived in the department`s database. When a company name registration expires, it can cause problems with your business bank account, entrepreneurs, customers, and others. Timely filing of an extension in a timely manner is the easiest way to prevent these problems from occurring. Note: Some companies may NOT be able to complete the entire online licensing process. This includes all businesses that require additional permits, such as: lawyer, food truck, sidewalk vendor, massage facility, and sale of goods or goods from vehicles. You will be notified of the additional steps required for these licenses once your application is received. A small business in Ontario can be registered as an ONTARIO BUSINESS REGISTRATION (also known as a “FORM 1” or Master Business License) as an easy and inexpensive way to start your business. Registration is available either as a sole proprietor (for a single person) or as a partnership (for two or more persons) or as a business name (“operational” name under a corporation). Anyone can search the Ontario Business Register for free information about a business or not-for-profit organization.

Apply for a coroner`s cremation certificate or out-of-province body shipping certificate if you are a licensed funeral home, crematorium or transfer service provider. When choosing your business name, it`s important to make sure that the name you use to run your business is also available when it comes to domain registration and social media. You want to set up a universal brand for the company name, domain, and social media such as Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, and Tik Tok with the same business name, fonts, colors, and presence. Currently, intermediaries can transact through authorized service providers or by mail. Currently, they will not be able to transact directly through the Ontario Business Register, but future updates to the system will address online access for intermediaries. * You may receive an additional email requesting more detailed information or documents. – For more information on additional requirements and business identifications required from county/state/federal authorities, please see our Business Licensing FAQ. Only businesses that require an annual fire inspection will be subject to the new fee (apartments are currently exempt). Businesses that are required to obtain an annual fire safety licence are subject to separate fees set in accordance with the city-wide fee structure. If you need assistance or need more information, contact the Business Licensing Division at (909) 395-2022 or email us at The person registering the company assumes full responsibility for all risks associated with any existing company, trade name or trademark. It is very important that when choosing a name for your business, you consider the uniqueness of the name. Any name provided by the registrant will be accepted by the Ontario government, as there is no name protection for small businesses.

If you choose a name that deceptively resembles an existing name, you risk the other party taking legal action. The city requires businesses whose tax amount is based on gross income to provide documentation proving the gross income reported. Proposed documents that include information on gross income include a federal income tax return on page 1 of one of five forms: Form 1040, Schedule C, Schedule E, Form 1065 or Form 1120. California sales tax returns for the last four quarters or other company documents proving reported gross revenue. This documentation may include financial statements (income statement), working papers and supporting annexes. It is the responsibility of the company or non-profit organization to keep their information accurate and up-to-date in public records.