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Unfortunately, Team Sims hasn`t fully developed the stock market in the game and there`s no way to verify your investment between your Sim`s investment and receiving their return. Because investment is such a limited part of the game, it`s unlikely that Team Sims will implement full in-game marketing anytime soon. Once you`ve invested, you`ll need to wait until your first investment is fully realized before you can invest again. It takes about two full days of simulation for your SIM card to receive feedback if you know how your investment went. Your SIM card will receive a return or loss on its initial investment. Just like in real life, the more your Sim invests, the more they can win or lose. I invested 3 times and she paid 25,000. 3K-> 25K is actually not bad. The two main interactions we look at here are equity exploration and equity investing. The former does what its name suggests – it explores the stock market in The Sims 4 and can give you a buff that greatly increases the chances of a successful investment. And the second one is the one you will use if you are affected by the buff. Once you reach level 7 of the business career, you have the option to pursue either the Investor Directorate or the Management Directorate.

If you choose the Investor Directorate, you now have the opportunity to make investments on the Internet. Sims who follow the management branch do not have this option, even if they maximize their career path. There is also no possibility to change branches later without cheating. It`s that she was portrayed as some kind of innovative civil engineer in the first trailer and gameplay, but in the actual gameplay, she`s a slimy pyramid scheme crook. /: Don`t cast a positive light on those who really need investment to create inventions that help improve the world and everyone. Before investing money in stocks, you need to make sure your Sim is in the right frame of mind from the get-go to increase the chances that your Sim will make a smart investment. If your Sim has the right skills, meets their needs, and is in a good mood, they`re more likely to reap the benefits of their investments. You can increase your chances by increasing your logical skills, which should already be quite high at this point.

You can also make sure your Sim has already completed their daily stock research task before investing in stocks. Also, try to keep your Sim focused before investing. I paid 1k several times today and received a notification that her investments didn`t work and she didn`t pay me anything. It`s really just a gamble when your Sim is promoted to level 7, a menu will pop up and you can choose between the investor branch or the management branch. The investor branch gives you the opportunity to invest in the stock market while the management branch does not. The investor industry requires you to maximize logical skills and research stocks on a daily basis. On the other hand, the management department asks you to maximize your charisma skills and make business calls on a daily basis. To invest in the stock market, your Sim must enter the business investor branch, and then you have the option to invest in stocks on your Sim`s computer. In this article, you`ll learn more about your professional career and how investing works in The Sims 4. Since the beginning of the game, many Simleurs have wanted the opportunity to try their hand at the stock market in The Sims 4. It wasn`t the most developed part of the game, and many of us know it never will.

However, it is still possible to invest in certain stocks and increase your chances of a career in business. There are many ways for your Sims to earn extra money on top of your 9-to-5 job. One of these additional options is to invest in the stock market to try to make a profit. Investing can help give your Sims more sustainable prosperity as they continue to develop their professional careers. Currently, there is no working trading system in The Sims 4. While your Sim has the option to invest, there`s no way the system you can see fluctuating in price as you imagine would work with a regular trade. So just ask if anyone got anything from her, or if I should just stop investing. I invested 1000 simolées in the first trade, and then after about a week I caught up with her because I hadn`t gotten anything out of the investment yet and she said the deal would “take some time.” I waited quite a while. She never explains what her transactions are and what I invest in. She also trolled me on the phone the other day and told me that if I gave her a sinolumina, she would make me really happy in return.

I donated it and she asked me if I felt happier now. Sometimes when a Sim is playing in another household, Bess asks them for money to help them start a new project. The player can choose whether he wants to help or not. She will continue to call and ask for more Simoleons and the player can stop giving it to her at any time, after which she apologizes and reimburses the Simoleons she was given. If the player continues to give Simoleons, at least sometimes their business will prosper and it will pay them half the income, § 25,000. Plus, when a Sim invests and their business thrives, they receive a weekly payment from the company`s revenue. The professional career is included in the base game and has a total of 10 levels. The necessary skills include charisma capacity and logical ability. The charisma capacity is more important for the management branch and the logical capacity is more important for the investment sector. All Sims have the option to unlock the option to invest in stocks as they climb the company`s career ladder.

While it`s not an exclusive trait or reward you need to unlock, it`s limited to Sims who work in the investment arm of the professional career. After passing the top six ranks of your professional career, you can choose the management department or the investor department. Management strives to make your Sim the president or CEO of the company. And the Investors branch allows your Sim to freely invest in stocks. The wallet in The Sims 4 is also one of the most frustrating features of the game for many players. The reason for this is that very often it seems that you are working for free without even getting an answer about how things are going in the market. For example, your Sim can look at stocks, invest in some, and then wait for results. But the results never come! Once you enter the investment branch of the business career, you now have the opportunity to invest money. You need to go to your Sim`s computer and select Web, then “Invest in Stocks”. You then have the option to invest $1,000, $2,000, or $5,000, if you have Sims 4 Become Famous, investing $5,000 will also give your Sim some fame.

Now, that`s how the stock market works. You can invest up to $5000 per investment. If you win the stock, you will receive 2.5 times more money than you invested. And if you lose, you get back 20% of your investment. No one knows the chance to win and lose stocks, but as long as you only invest when you are focused, you can make a great profit. Investing in The Sims 4 feels more like a game than a strategic investment. There is no way to verify your investments or the performance of the stock market as a whole. You have to invest a moment, then sit back and wait to see if you won or lost. So, for many players, playing the stock market in The Sims 4 means losing money instead of winning. But don`t worry. Here we are going to talk about everything you need to know about stocks and investments so that you can make the best decision.

Let`s go! I invested twice and on the third call, it gave me the opportunity to call her because I didn`t get any money back, I clicked on it and she just gave me the Simoleons that I had reinvested. I guess I should have waited 😂 Does anyone know how to change the “scammer” (ask for money) from Bess Sterling to another Sim? New to Laundry Day? Find out everything there is to know here! Jules is a young adult and 22 days from growing up. She has the Fabulously Wealthy focus and works in the Construction Design Career at Level 3 (Construction Technician). It has six Charisma Skill points, three Maneuverability Skill points, four Juice Bubble Skill points, and five Logic Skill points. According to her family biography, she is an ambitious building designer who aims to develop her neighborhood. Despite a quest for luck, Bess has the collectible bonus feature instead of the enterprising bonus feature. I agree that your statements are true, @Trismagistos. But I think it`s randomly generated. Sometimes it really reimburses you. Sometimes she cheats on you. I gave her 1000 and then she called and asked for more and I said the first time I never received anything in return, which she gave me in 2000 and said she would never call me again): Both branches have four extra rows that you can go through.

And both can reward you with interesting items, such as the Executron Executive Desk. It should be noted that the Investors` Directorate can make you more money than the Senior Management, but only by a small margin. However, you must choose the investor if you want to play stock market in The Sims 4! I gave it to her every time she called (Naybe 10 times?), even though I didn`t have 1000 after several reviews, I firmly believe it has something to do with the game she coded. I only paid 2K and got 25K. However, this has never happened anywhere else. I could imagine that this has something to do with the mechanics of the game because Bess Sterling is always the cheater, but I`m not 100% sure. Maybe it has something to do with the world you`re in? Does your Sim family still live in Evergreen Harbour? In particular, she mentions a lot that she intends to scam you if you refuse to pay her for 1 Simoleon for Happiness (when you actually have Happy Moodlet if you pay her).