Skills of Legal Assistant

Legal assistants do not need a specific degree to do their job. However, experience in the legal world or specific certifications can set you apart from other applications. Paralegal training, transcription training, or a legal associate`s degree are valuable additions to a legal assistant resume. Legal assistants are an important part of the legal industry, helping lawyers keep track of their daily activities and schedule. When law firms hire a new legal assistant, they want to find someone who has the skills and independence to meet industry demands. A merchandising assistant tracks products and updates inventory records. You are responsible for developing and laying out layouts, banners or visuals to attract customers. You can also answer customers` questions and guide them through the store and help them find each product. Merchandising assistants are responsible for processing returns and replenishing shelves when new products arrive. Since they connect directly with customers, they can also conduct surveys and collect customer feedback.

If you are a legal assistant looking for a job in the Atlanta area, BOS Staffing can help! Our recruiters will be happy to check your skills and coordinate with the right company. Learn more about our hiring process and start your job search today! Your resume for paralegals should be written with your potential employer`s time in mind. They`re busy and want a legal assistant to help them organize their office, so write your resume accordingly. Writing a resume for paralegals can be easy if you know what lawyers need. Read on to find out what to include and how to structure your next resume. The average salary for a paralegal is $56,300 in the United States. The salary of the position varies depending on experience, education, company size, industry and market. Most legal secretaries work for more than one person on more than one file. Do you think a career as a legal assistant might be right for you? Wondering what the job is and what qualifications you need to succeed? As the name suggests, legal assistants help lawyers, and skills such as communication, critical thinking, and teamwork allow you to excel. Versatile professional with 20+ years of experience in complex legal issues, high-volume administrative functions and unique translation roles. Proven ability to manage office functions, provide executive-level support and facilitate smooth legal operations in a wide range of industries. Maintains strong business relationships and communicates effectively with people from different backgrounds.

The role of legal secretaries, also known as administrative assistants to lawyers or legal assistants, has evolved over the past two decades. As with everything else, technology continues to transform traditional law firms. Tip: Don`t list these words or phrases on your resume and instead focus on the technical skills described above. Therefore, legal secretaries who are familiar with a variety of computer software applications have the most career opportunities. Some of the most common technologies that legal secretaries need to master are: For example: “Experienced legal assistant who wants to use secretarial and research skills at Brown LLP. 7+ years of secretarial experience include supporting an office with four lawyers, implementing a paperless file storage system, and reducing costs by 17%.┬áLegal assistants play an essential role in the day-to-day running of the law firm or legal department. They assist in case management, document preparation, scheduling, communication with clients and court officials, and meeting the needs of lawyers. Legal assistants must have excellent communication skills and great attention to detail. You should also feel comfortable working independently and being part of a team. Since legal secretaries are the “right” hand of the lawyer, organizational skills are essential to effectively manage a law firm or legal department of a company. For example, this resume contains an excellent combination of experience and soft skills that highlight the assistant`s previous accomplishments. Drafting is an integral part of the legal secretary`s work; Those who develop strong writing skills will become indispensable to the lawyers who support them.

Highlight skills in your cover letter: Don`t waste words in your letter. Since writing cover letters is an essential part of your job as a legal assistant, stay tuned and demonstrate your ability to be clear and direct. They understand the nuances of the legal process and are able to create and format briefs, investigative and transactional documents. Paralegals not only coordinate appointments, schedule interviews, and compile documents, but also spend much of their time conducting legal research for cases. To identify relevant information and facts, they must have strong critical thinking and analytical skills. Throughout your career, your ability to compile valuable research will enhance the success of the lawyers you work for and help you anticipate their needs during an ongoing case. You will frequently use merchandise management systems and product monitoring will be your daily task. That`s why it`s important to mention your inventory management skills. Recruiters want to know that you have a lot of attention to detail and that you reduce the risk of inventory errors. The most effective legal secretaries know how to get along with their colleagues and work with third parties to get the job done.

Normally, the terms legal assistant and paralegal are used interchangeably. Technically, the title of paralegal is reserved for a person certified by an organization such as the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) or the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA). Neither legal assistants nor paralegals are qualified to give legal advice or sign briefs or official documents. Sometimes things don`t go as planned. And often, it`s the paralegals who have to find solutions quickly. Whether it`s double-booked meetings or finding a hard-to-find expert, paralegals are discovering clever ways around obstacles. Lawyers are busy professionals. Between ongoing exams, stacks of paper, and daily meetings, their offices can easily become chaotic. Legal assistants with exceptional organizational skills also keep their bosses organized. By performing tasks such as schedule monitoring, project management, and paperwork, legal assistants help law firms operate with maximum efficiency. Are you interested in improving your job prospects and increasing your salary? How can you prove that you are the most qualified candidate for a legal assistant position? Of course, your best qualification may be to continue to gain experience as a legal assistant, but there are other ways to develop your skills, such as continuing education or volunteer opportunities. However, you can prepare more directly for your next opportunity or promotion by learning about the duties, responsibilities and skills required of a legal assistant and ensuring that your resume accurately reflects your experience.

Some lawyers hire assistants without legal training and train them in the workplace. However, a two- or four-year degree in paralegal studies can improve the chances of getting a job.