Taekwondo Home Rules

Each student is subject to the rules and regulations of the school. Non-compliance results in the following penalties: Parents and caregivers work and practice enforcing house rules. (Click here: Behavior patterns you want to see from your children) It`s not about being perfect. Whatever we want to do well, we must practice with patience and perseverance. This includes learning and teaching our house rules. Many of our students will start the new school year at home. Being respectful, helpful, self-disciplined and safe is always part of our national behavioural goals. We work and practice respecting house rules, including any additional rules your family can add to the list. Children will diligently learn their schoolwork at school and at home.

Study your homework at school and at home. Do your best to achieve and maintain a B average or higher. Be courteous when meeting with an instructor or upper belt. The instructor must be subject to strict attention at all times. Conversations should be kept to a minimum during lessons. Children keep their hair, body and teeth clean every day. Greet your parents when you enter the house and say goodbye when you leave. Obscenities, loss of temperament, horse play, loud laughter and praise, or any manifestation of lack of self-discipline will not be tolerated. You must show respect to your parents and family members at all times.

Children have an active mind, body and soul. Reducing test scores or denying permission to test taekwondo techniques cannot be used outside of school. unless circumstances affecting your safety or the safety of others prevail. The DOBOK (uniform) must be clean and complete at all times. Kids will correct the recipe for only “A” every day! Children report to their parents that they have completed assigned tasks. Children will be kind to their siblings. Children practice cleanliness in terms of hair, teeth and bodies every day. Children will show respect for their teachers and peers at all times. The title Mister or Misses, followed by the corresponding last name, is used to address all instructors. Keep your body, hair and teeth clean at all times. (daily) Children will always be respectful of their parents, teachers and elders. Turn away from the instructor when fastening your seatbelt or repairing your uniform.

Children should greet their parents with “Hi Mom, Hi Daddy” when they enter the house and say goodbye to their parents when they leave. Children are responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of their own room. All people are always respected. Pay attention to a high degree of personal cleanliness. Toenails and fingernails should be trimmed so as not to injure other students. Children like to help with household chores. All students should be on time for class. Those who come early to a class should take the opportunity to stretch or practice current techniques.