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Valley Forge Beer and Cider Festival 2021

It was an amazing scene at The Greater Philadelphia Expo in Oaks on Saturday, December 4th. Over 2,300 beer and cider fans had their choice from over 40 breweries and cideries. There was even a winery too. The theme, of ugly sweaters, brought even more merriment to the party. Of course this made for some great people watching.

The lines moved quickly and there were certainly plenty of choices to please even the most discerning palate. It was great to see some old friends and make some new ones too. We enjoyed tasting an array of stouts, IPA’s, amblers and lagers. There were sweet ciders and dry ones. Fruit filled expressions and some most comparable to a fine wine.

Brewscuits was on hand for the dog lovers in the crowed. Uncle Alex was there from Phygit foods to make sure everyone had their pretzel necklaces. Franky-Deep was there to tantalize the hot sauce aficionados and the Jerky Hut had so many flavors it was not easy to choose. Oh, and the bacon. We can’t forget Bacon on a Stick That’s It. HOLY PORKAPALOOZA! We were glad that we didn’t miss Truly Pure & Natural with their hand crafted raw creamed honey.

The DJ kicked the vibe up a notch. The floor was packed with a cornucopia of laughter and movement doing line dancing and holding onto their glasses as they turned and twirled. Close by the sounds of axes striking the target made for its own melody.

As for us, we had a fantastic time interviewing the breweries, cideries and other vendors. It’s always fun for us to be educated and discover new flavors. Some close by and others from places that we can’t wait to visit.

We are looking forward to the next events produced by Starfish Junction. Keep an eye on their website, social media or sign up for their news letter to stay informed.

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Highlights From our Discussion:

Attic Brewing

Blakes Hard Cider

Log Yard Brewing


Brother Monk Ciderworks

The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery

Bad Seed Brewery

Stickman Brews

Free Will Brewing

Road Trip – “Christmas City, USA” – Bethlehem, PA

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is easy to get to from all points. Just follow the North Star, or if you prefer, you’re GPS. It’s so easy to fall in love with this historical picturesque town. It is not what it once was when Bethlehem Steel shuttered its doors over 20 years ago. The city is experiencing a rebirth. Pick anytime to go, however, Christmas is when “Christmas City, USA” shines the most brightest. This is a Fermented Adventure paradise.

The Lehigh River divides the town. We began the day on the South Side at the Christkindlmarkt. If you’re looking for holiday gifts and crafts this is the place to begin. There is something for just about everyone on your list. For us it provided an opportunity to revisit and stock up on the libations being offered by many of the local craft providers. Eight Oaks greeted us first. Most recently they have released their Barrel Finished Old Tom Gin. Have you ever tried mead? Colony Meadery is a great place to start. As you wind your way through you will discover some nice sweet treat options. Stroopies, Groffs and Ye Old Toffee Shoppe enticed us to give our sweet tooth some attention. Social Still is one of our go tos for their exceptional craft spirits. They are also right across the free parking lot, within walking distance. Grab a cocktail before or after shopping. Do check the website for a complete list of the vendors and when they will be there. Buy your tickets ahead of time and skip the line.

Now that we got some shopping out of the way, it was time to head to the North Side. Where, even more shopping was waiting. There are local crafts being offered in huts along the E Market Street. There is plenty on this short block to experience. We set our sights on some local beer flavor. We quenched our thirst for Sours and Stouts at Lost Tavern Brewing. Fegley’s Bethlehem Brew Works has an array of beers as well and we settled on the Pumpkin/Yam Beer, The Steelworkers Oatmeal Stout, along with the Steelgaarden Wit. Along the street we discovered one amazing chocolatier. You will want to get one of everything at The Chocolate Lab. We certainly did our best to practice restraint. There is a new coffee shop at the far East end of the street. Don’t go to Bitty & Beau’s for just the coffee. You will meet the most incredible people there who are making your visit special and impactful. We wandered in and out of the shoppes, watched a real live metal work demonstration and were overwhelmed with all of the history. As the sun began to set, the street became electrified.

Bethlehem offers so many places to get cocktails. Don’t miss the Tavern at The Sun Inn where you can enjoy hand crafted distilled spirits featuring Christmas City Spirits. We landed at the McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar. The atmosphere was lively with conversation. The bartenders are knowledgable about their whiskey and make tantalizing drinks. Our meals were outstanding and full of flavor, everything that you would expect to get at an Irish Pub. While enjoying our last dram we took in the evenings live music with Regina Sayles, shared a fresh baked scone and made some new friends.

Episode 75 – Olde Bedford Brewing Company – Dave and Mary Heller

This episode features Dave Heller and Mary Heller of Olde Bedford Brewing Company.

Mary purchased Dave a Mr. Beer Kit. ¬†The first foray into home brewing was a success. ¬†To Mary’s surprise, it quickly developed from a hobby into an addiction to home brew. ¬†¬†¬†She thought that this would entertain Dave for a couple of months and he would move on. ¬†She had no idea that 7 years later that all of it would turn into a business. ¬†Olde Bedford Brewing is their “retirement job”. ¬†They even grow their own hops on their ranch. ¬†Quickly they developed followers of their beer and the brewery began to blossom from there. ¬†Passion drives the grain to glass philosophy. ¬†“Join the Whiskey Rebellion… drink beer” is their slogan. ¬†We had a tremendous time sitting down with Dave and Mary on the podcast. ¬†We learned so much about the history of Bedford, beer and the brewery. ¬†Take a side trip off the PA Turnpike and go visit them. ¬†You’ll be glad that you did. ¬†

Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at www.brewscuits.com.  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

109 Railroad St, Bedford, PA 15522 –(907) 229-7942 www.oldebbc.com Facebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Bedford Springs Resort

PA Farm ShowDancing Star Farms

Whiskey Rebellion

Bedford County Business Development

Bishop Guilfoyle

Penn State Hops Program

Mr. Beer Kit

American Whiskey Convention

Rosen Rye

Wholesome Living Marketplace

Fat Jimmy’s Bike Shop

Cannondale Bikes

Bedford Jeep

U.S. Navy

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Distillery

Delaware Valley Fields Foundation

Full Kilt Band

Big Spring Spirits

Episode 69 – Dr. Brewlittles Beer Co. – Jack O’Connell

This episode features Jack O’Connell of Dr. Brewlittles Beer Co.

The success of this new brewery is based on the concept of putting all if the right people in place. ¬†Bringing on the right head brewer was th first step after finding the location. ¬†It’s the same formula as hiring a great chef to start a restaurant. ¬†Joshua Caputo came on board. ¬†Dr. Brewlittles opened on Labor Day Weekend 2020 and has been a sensation right out of the gate. ¬†Co-Founder Chris Torre and jack continue to expand their brewing capacity, as well as, the space for enjoying their most excellent beer.¬†

We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at www.brewscuits.com.  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

108 E Main St, Maple Shade, NJ 08052 – (856) 406-5200www.drbrewlittlesbeer.comFacebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Samuel Adams

Portland Kettle Works


Moo-Duck Brewery

Busta Rhymes

Nearest Green Distillery

University of the Sciences

Band of Media Brewers


Logo My Way

Arrested Development

The Seed

Episode 64 – Moo-Duck Brewery – Mike and Kristen Brubaker

This episode features Mike Brubaker and Kristen Brubaker of Moo-Duck Brewery

Mike received a home brewing kit as a birthday present.  The pale ale is what got things started over 14 years ago.  The science and the creativity part hooked Mike in.  Family and friends started clamoring for their brew.  Then they began brewing for big events.  The hobby turned into homebrew competitions and successful accolades.  Kristen and Mike then rolled up their sleeves, kept their day jobs and worked their butts off for the first year.  Moo-Duck is a community meeting place where friends can gather and enjoy sensational beer.

We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at www.brewscuits.com.  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

79 S Wilson Ave, Elizabethtown, PA 17022 –¬†(717) 727-3791¬†–¬†www.mooduckbrewery.com¬†–¬†Facebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Blue Heron Coffee

Pour Man’s Brewing Company

Masonic Village Elizabethtown

Poor Richard’s Ale

Winters Heritage House Museum

World Series of BirdingBirdwatching

Elizabethtown, PA


Lancaster Homebrew

Episode 63 – Artillery Brewing Co. – Mike Loveless and Sean Naughton

This episode features Mike Loveless and Sean Naughton of Artillery Brewing Co.

Mike started as a home brewer in 2013. ¬†His wife didn’t enjoy the house smelling like a brewery any longer. ¬†Mike had spent his early life in Europe and had become enamored with the cannon and history. ¬†Paul Zippel is Mike’s partner and they went looking for a place to expand their home brewing expertise. ¬†Sean came on board in November of 2020. ¬†He brought his beer and science background to Artillery. ¬†The team has been satisfying beer fans since April 2021. ¬†Their journey is fascinating and this episode provides insight into their young experiences. ¬†By the quality and character of their beer, you’d swear that they have been opened for years.¬†

We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at www.brewscuits.com.  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

333 Granite Alley, West Chester, PA 19380 Р(484) 999-5976 Рwww.artillerybrewing.comFacebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

The Split Rail Tavern

Schaefer Beer

University of The Sciences

Matt Farber

Johnson & Wales University

Saison Dupont

Cannonball Run

Yards Brewing Co.

Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Co.

Stolen Sun Craft Brewing and Roasting

West Chester, PA

Wrong Crowd Beer

Brown Bess Musket

Philly Sour Yeast

Episode 62 – Jack Fritz – Four Fingers Brewing Company

This episode features Jack Fritz of Four Fingers Brewing Company.

Jack has enjoyed craft beer from as early as he can remember trying his first beer.  He introduced craft to his dad Ross.  Ross began experimenting and brewing beer in his home.  He was getting really good at it.  So good in fact that they took the vacant space in a building that they own and opened Four Fingers Brewing Brewing Co.  They swung open the doors in late January of 2020 just before the Covid restrictions went into place.  The timing turned into a blessing in disguise.  It has given them the time to hone their beer and dial in the process.  This young craft brewery is producing some really fine beer.  

We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at www.brewscuits.com.  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

4500 Aston Mills Rd, Aston, PA 19014 Р(610) 241-1212 Рwww.fourfingersbeer.comFacebook

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Highlights from our discussion:



High Hopes Podcast

Philadelphia Phillies

Harry Kalas

Paul Carpenter

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Victory Brewing Company

Breweries in PA 

What’s Brewing

NBC Sports Philadelphia

Glen Macnow

Joe Sixpack

Rolling Rock

Episode 55 – Punch Buggy Brewing Company – Patrick Coyne, John Riley and James Baker

This episode features Patrick Coyne, John Riley and James Baker of Punch Buggy Brewing Company.This brewery finds its origins as many breweries do. ¬†The foundation of home brewing, making beer and sharing it with friends. ¬†The idea was born out of a slightly different path. ¬†Attending beer festivals and becoming interested and excited by beer. ¬†Well, once you attend a beer festival you must try home brewing. ¬†Of course the first beers are hit and miss. ¬†But, eventually you begin to dial in the recipes and procedures. ¬†Punch Buggy is thriving because of the “not going to quit” attitude of its founders. ¬†They just about ran out of beer on their opening weekend. ¬†They realized they needed larger and more productive equipment. ¬†They collaborated and learned from other local breweries in the region. ¬†They have experienced growing pains. ¬†Now, every beer that they make is better than the last. ¬†Their beers have character, flavor and complex notes. ¬†All of the people behind Punch Buggy are determined, humble and hungry to offer the best beer possible.1445 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19122 -www.punchbuggybrewing.comFacebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Double Eagle Malt

Schmidt’s Beer

Levante Brewing Company

Stable 12 Brewing Co.

2nd Story Brewing Co.

Free Will Brewing Co.

Philly Home Brew Outlet

Tree House Brewing Company

Archbishop Ryan High School

Cannstatter Volksfest Verein

Nodding Head Brewery

Episode 53 – Fetish Brewing Company – Aaron Risser

This episode features Aaron Risser of Fetish Brewing Company. ¬†Fetish can trace it’s roots to a backyard creation, flourishing into what it is today. ¬†In 2005, Aaron brewed his first beer, which was most likely a dark pumpkin ale. ¬†Like many he brewed for the experience and to give his beer away to other people. ¬†It evolved into a monthly brew session which led to a lot of happy beer drinkers and meeting his partners. ¬†He learned from the professionals at Weyerbacher Brewing Company on how to grow and scale his home brewing fetish. ¬†Today, Aaron brews what he likes to drink. ¬†He has a background in fine arts and graphic design. ¬†This experience finds its way into the flavors and complexities of the beers that he creates. ¬†Fetish sources fresh ingredients from the farmland that surrounds the brewery. ¬†It’s some of the best farmland in the world. ¬†He even grows the ghost peppers for the ghost pepper stout. ¬†Fetish opened on January 24, 2021. ¬†This 3 years young brewery is turning out some incredible beers. ¬†Go ahead, listen, and make this your new beer fetish. ¬†¬†201 Rock Lititz Blvd, Lititz, PA 17543 – 717-629-2465¬†– www.fetishbrewing.comFacebook

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and more…

Highlights from our discussion:

Russian River Brewing

Cantillon Brewery

Stoll & Wolfe

Triple Sun Spirits


Hershey’s Chocolate

Fraktured Hot Sauce

Rock Lititz

Lititz, PA

Episode 48 – Devil’s Creek Brewery – Kathy Ganser

This episode features Kathy Ganser of Devil’s Creek Brewery. ¬†

“Wouldn’t it be cool to start a brewery?”

The seed was planted in 2015, Kathy and Anthony decided to open a brewery.  Kathy went for it and dove right in.  Doing site planning and drawing from her background in graphic design, she made the branding come alive.  The name pays homage to a Jersey Devil sighting in Collingswood.  At the creek right behind where the brewery sits.  Like many breweries Anthony and Kathy began as home brewers.  Early on Anthony was winning awards for his home craft beer.  They put their heart and soul into building out the local neighborhood place.  Today Kathy is creating recipes that are winning awards in national competitions.  The beers are strong in flavor and character.  This women owned brewery is doing Collingswood proud and has quickly become a hot spot for the community.1 Powell Ln, Collingswood, NJ 08108 Р(856) 425-2520 Рwww.devilscreekbrewery.com РFacebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Collingswood, NJ

Jersey Devil

Erik Dickersbach

River Horse Brewing Company

Great American Beer Festival

Beastie Boys

Buffalo Trace Distillery

Cream Ridge Winery

Revolution Coffee Roasters

Cape May Brewing Company

Village Idiot Brewing Company

Atlantic City Beer Festival

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