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Episode 126 – Botanist & Barrel – Lyndon Smith

This episode features Lyndon Smith of Botanist and Barrel.

Lyndon and his wife Amie Fields have an extensive natural wine background.  They also have a wonderful family heritage of being wine producers.  Grandpa Abe even produced bathtub tropical hooch.  A defunct blueberry farm came for sale nearby where Lyndon grew up.  This farm now grows a wide variety of fruits including blueberries, apples, pears, aw well ask botanical.  This is where Botanist and Barrel was born.  They create delicious nuanced natural ciders and wines.   

32 Broadway St Suite 110, Asheville NC 28801(828) 338-9516– www.BotanistandBarrel.com – Facebook

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DĆ©fi Wines

Good Food Guild

Eda Rhyne

DeAngelo Williams

Artifact Cider Project

Enlightenment Wines Meadery

Graft Cidery

Crooked Run Fermentation

Episode 121 – Good Intent Cider – Matt Simon

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Good Intent Cider - Matt Simon


Good Intent Cider – Matt Simon

Fermented Adventure The Podcast

Dec 14

1 hr 3 min

Episode Description

This episode features Matt Simon of Good intent Cider.

For Adam Redding, cidermaking began as a hobby.  He took cider making classes at Cornell University.  Growing up in Gettysburg, he was exposed to the amazing apples produced in Adams County.  Matt joined Good Intent almost 6 years ago.  He studied food science at Penn State.  Matt reached out to Adam as graduation approached.  Adam shared all his experience and it wasn’t long before Matt was putting his own personality into the cider being produced.  Good Intent is producing flavorful and complex cider.  This is a must stop for cider fans and new to be cider lovers.

167 S Potter St, Bellefonte, PA 16823Ā – (814) 355-1654 – www.GoodintentCider.com – Facebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Mason Dixon Distillery

A. Smith Bowman Distillery

Gettysburg, PA

Bellefonte, PA 

Ciderfest of PA

Episode 113 – HMK Insurance – Todd Collins and Alan Pfizenmayer

This episode features Todd Collins and Alan Pfizenmayer of HMK Insurance.

HMK Insurance is located in Bethlehem, PA. Ā The inception goes all of the way back to 1914. Ā In the mid 1990’s they began to focus their attention on craft beverages. Ā Tim Kurtz brought on a few local breweries. Ā Today they have clients spread out across the United States. Ā As insurance agents they help their clients and potential clients to be well informed about insurance.

610-868-8507 –Ā tcollins@hmk-ins.comĀ –Ā Apfizenmayer@hmk-ins.comĀ –Ā www.hmk.aleragroup.comFacebook

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Highlights from our discussion:


Brewers Association

Black Viking Brewing

Republic Restoratives

Funk Brewing Company

Hijinx Brewing Company

Five Maidens Craft Cider

Red Balloon

The Ferm Meadery

Episode 110 – Obscurity Mead Hall and Cidery – Luke Goucher and Carson Souza

This episode featuresĀ Luke GoucherĀ and Carson Souza ofĀ Obscurity Mead Hall & Cidery.

Obscurity started with friends getting together and having a passion for beer.  Carson had already been in the brewing industry for 10 years as a commercial brewer at a vegan brewery.  Luke and Carson decided to get a little wild and play with mead as well.  A adventure was born in the cornfields of the far west suburbs of Chicago.  Mead was a challenge for Carson so he jumped right in.  Luke and Carson flew around the country to check out some of the best mead makers and learn from their successes.  This episode is a master class on brewing, fermenting and business.  Obscurity is creating many tremendous expressions.  Enjoy as we sample through their story.

21 S Main St, Elburn, IL 60119Ā – 630-320-2255 – www.drinkobscurity.com –Ā Facebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Meadcon 2022


Viking Braggot Company

Rabbits Foot Meadery

B. Nektar Meadery

National Honey Board

Charm City Meadworks

Episode 92 – Manoff Market Cider – Amy Manoff and Ellie Brehme

This episode features Amy Manoff and Ellie Brehme of Manoff Market Cidery.

We had such a fantastic tour of the orchard and farm.  Amy gave us so much insight into the earth to market to bottle concept that they have designed.  Their 37 acres feels more like a budding garden estate.  Gary and Amy graduated college in 1983.  The proceeded to explore the opportunity of starting a winery.  They land they had found didn’t provide for growing grapes.  Although, fruits, vegetables and apples in particular fit in perfectly.  Over time, Gary began experimenting with cider.  In 2018 they got their license to produce and sell their cider.  They have been focusing on grafting and planting apple trees specifically for cider.  The result is wonderful flavorful cider that is full of character.  You want to add this destination to your calendar.   Pick up a bottle, relax enjoy all that Manoff Market Cidery has to offer.  

3157 Comfort Rd, New Hope, PA 18938Ā – (215) 297-8220 -www.manoffmarketgardens.com/cidery –Ā Facebook

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Highlights from our discussion:



New Hope

Dad’s Hat Rye

Gold Rush Apple

Ploughman Cider


PA Cider Guild


Bucks County

Cider Fest PA

Episode 90 – Two Broads Ciderworks – Maggie Przybylski and Megan Murphy

This episode features Maggie Przybylski and Morgan Murphy of Two Broads Ciderworks.

They are bootstrapping their way into the cider world.  Like many Maggie and Morgan started home brewing beer.  15 years ago the cider experience took hold in Sea Canyon.  They picked apples, made pies and fermented apple juice into cider.  The whole journey from apple to glass appealed to them.  They love cooking and sharing what they produce with friends.  Today, the focus is on locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.  These two broads began building their tasting room in January of 2020.  Just in time for the world to be shut down.  The pieces of the cidery continue to come together.  They are producing incredible, complex and flavorful ciders in a region that is full of wineries.  Listen and learn more about Maggie and Morgan and what Two Broads Ciderworks is all about.

3427 Roberto Ct Ste 130, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401Ā – (805) 292-1500 – www.twobroadscider.com – Facebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Cidercon 2022

Sea Canyon

Saison Dupont Yeast

Tilted Shed

Reverend Nat

Chill Hour

Sybil Lamb




Ballast Point Brewery

Episode 88 – Alma Cider – Dave Klawer

This episode features Dave Klawer of Alma Cider.

Dave moved to the Pacific Northwest with his wife Heather. Ā They are both registered nurses. Ā His passion in the 90’s was to be a professional snowboarder. Ā An accident in the Andes changed the trajectory of his life. Ā He knew of the lore of Mount Baker and it called to him. Ā He fell in love with the greenery and has made theĀ Skagit ValleyĀ his home. Ā It wasn’t long before he and his wife were being introduced to home craft cider. Ā Dave was familiar with brewing beer from his days in college. Ā His first attempt at cider was a success. Ā Our in depth discussion covers the many ciders that Alma produces and the the production of fruit and apples at their orchard and farm. Ā 

425-312-5734 – info@almacider.com – Facebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Tulip Valley Winery

Bitters & Sharps Orchard

Press Then Press

American Cider Association

Northwest Cider Club

Northwest Cider Association

Earth Day

Cidercraft Magazine

Sip Magazine

Compass Wines

Renaissance Orchards

Ragged and Right Cider


Episode 87 – Beach Bee Meadery – Curtis Blodgett

This episode featuresĀ Curtis BlodgettĀ ofĀ Beach Bee Meadery.

Curtis began his journey by considering opening a distillery.  He and his wife Madeleine met with distillers to understand the process and what was needed to get started.  They completed a meeting with a rum distiller and to decided to visit a meadery that was close by.  They never had mead and they were totally blown away.  Curtis was familiar with making wine and brewing beer, but he wasn’t familiar with mead.  He looked at Madeleine and said, “this is what I want to do”.  The whole experience was life changing.  We got to talk mead, cider, yeast, barrels and so much more.  

Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at www.brewscuits.com.  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

589 Long Branch Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740Ā – (732) 403-3558 – www.beachbeemeadery.com –Facebook

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and more…

Highlights from our discussion:

Melovino Meadery

Long Branch Distillery

Long Branch, NJ

Green Bench Brewing Co


Black Heath Meadery

Buskey Cider

The Veil Brewing Company

Armageddon Brewing Company

Mermaid Spirits

Caledonia Spirits

Texas Mead Cup

The Mazer Cup


Dutch Gold Honey

Cidercraft Magazine

Episode 86 – The Munchy Machine – Ralph Kane, Sean Saccomandi, Steve Regosch

This episode features Ralph Kane, Sean Saccomandi and Steve Regosch of The Munchy Machine Food Truck

Ralph started the Munchy Machine Food Truck in July of 2018. Ā Prior he worked on the Eat-a-pita Food Truck. Ā He left the food truck life to become an instructor of Culinary Arts at a local high school. Ā The excitement and the life called him back when he was able to purchase his old food truck. Ā Sean is retired from the Navy. Ā During his stint he cooked on naval vessels. Ā Ralph and Sean grew up together and when he had an opening he called on his high school buddy. Ā Sean got thrown into the fire. Ā He positioned himself at the grill to cater and Octoberfest. Ā He has been on board ever since. Ā Steve met Ralph in 2009. Ā They became instant friends. Ā Steve got a call from Ralph because during Covid their business was taking off. Ā Steve rounds out the Loose Noodles cast of characters. Ā He brings his vast cooking expertise and creativity. Ā Make sure you ask him for extra sour cream. Ā On this podcast we discuss their food truck story, enjoy their amazing food and sample and discuss a few beers and a cider Fermented Adventure style.Ā 
Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast. Ā Be sure to check them out at www.brewscuits.com. Ā Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

267-980-3424 – mymunchymachineft@gmail.com – www.munchymachine.com – Facebook

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and more…

Highlights From our Discussion:
Ship Bottom Brewing
2SP Brewing Company
von Trappe Brewing
Grandma’s Pirogies
Leidy’s Smoked Kielbasa
Awestruck Cider
Hi-Wire Brewing
Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival
Levante Brewing
Love City Brewing Company

Episode 84 – Green Bench Brewing Co. – Brian Wing

This episode features Brian Wing of Green Bench Brewing Co.

For Chris and Brian the partnership began as home brewers.  The brewery opened in 2013, all along, mead and cider was in the plan.  They honed their craft and built up a following with their beer.  They enjoyed drinking cider and mead so much in Florida.  However, craft mead and cider was not common.  They introduced mead and cider to the Saint Petersburg faithful in 2015.  We had a lively and spirted discussion about Cidercon 2022, apples, orchards and all that is Green Bench Brewing.  

Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast.  Be sure to check them out at www.brewscuits.com.  Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

51133 Baum Ave N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33705Ā – (727) 800-9836 – www.greenbenchbrewing.com – Facebook

Available on:

šŸŽ§ Apple https://lnkd.in/dGNvrgnn

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Highlights From our Discussion:


Tampa Bay Beer Week



Saint Petersburg

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