Tener Un Huron Es Legal

Ferrets are hunters by nature, have a lot of energy and need a lot of care in their hygiene, feeding and socialization. Interacting with these animals requires knowledge, time and patience. Finally, before you decide, we recommend that you read “The New Book of Ferrets” (Editorial Tikal). Written by E. Lynn “Fox” Morton and Chuck Morton, it is the first book published in Spanish about ferrets. You can find it in tiendanimal.es for 9.45 euros. Another title is “Life of Ferrets” in e-book format. A good ferret food should consist of at least 40% animal protein, a minimum percentage of cereals and a low proportion of fiber. We must avoid in their diet vegetables, fruits and, of course, sweets or human foods, which often contain traces of food that can be toxic even to ferrets.

It is completely legal to have ferrets as they are considered pets. Having a ferret as a pet is legal, although a number of important factors are taken into account. Ferrets are extremely active and curious, in general they are happiest if they live in groups of two or three. They sleep about 18 hours a day, but get up several times to eat, observe their territory and meet their needs. They have two periods of maximum activity before sunrise and sunset during which they are tireless. In this sense, the law allows to have an exotic animal such as a European ferret or a land hedgehog, which are harmless species. However, it is necessary to have the documents proving its legal origin, as this paper serves as a birth certificate and guarantees that it does not come from the species trade. Finally, “The Ferret Queen” recommended that “it is better to have more than two ferrets because they are very social. When I get home, they bring me their toys and come to where we are.

You`re a bit of a thief,” he joked; For example, Leonardo steals sneakers and Valkyrie loves socks. They grab the things they like and take them instead. We say that in the houses where ferrets are located, there is always a special joy because they are like puppies throughout life. With this in mind, some of the unconventional animals that people usually prefer when bringing an exotic animal into the house are ferrets, hedgehogs, and iguanas. To obtain one, certain conditions must be met, as they come with: an adoption contract, vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized or with a commitment to sterilize and discharge the chip. The adopter must make a donation to cover the costs of deworming, vaccine, chipping and sterilization. As with the adoption of dogs or cats, you will need to fill out a form. The potential adopter is interviewed and a ferret is proposed as part of the family. There is a probationary period (a few weeks) after which the adoption contract is signed. The organization will track all ferrets adopted by the Protector.

Veronica, who is very active in rescuing disabled animals, warns of a very sad trend: “With the fashion of having hedgehogs, it hasĀ©also happened that many people begin to abandon them on the street. There are many animal shelters that are committed to protecting them and giving them up for adoption. That`s why I always recommend adopting them instead of buying them. When ferrets are raised in domestic and peaceful environments, they behave in the same way. If someone bothers them, they will opt for macho and hide until they feel safe again. But be careful, if young children inadvertently hurt them, the animal will probably defend itself naturally. For this reason, it is not advisable to combine young children with these peers. It is important to understand your ferret`s behavior.

Fernando Pedrosa is a veterinarian specializingĀ© in wild and non-traditional animals. Speaking to Infobae, he said that “many people like to have different animals than usual. But it is very important that they are cared for a lot and kept in dignified conditions. Although they have been in other countries since the late 60s, ferrets were produced in our country with a place among pets. This friendly little animal has joined hamsters, dogs, cats, rabbits, parakeets, turtles or fish. It has gone from a wild animal to a self-contained place in our homes. It is a mammal with a lot of history (and why not the black legend of say it) behind it. In summer, you should be very careful with them and with heat stroke, especially in regions with intense heat such as Andalusia.

When it comes to wanting to have a ferret at home, as always when you want to have a pet at home, you should think about the “pros and cons”.