The Legal Carpentry

The other part of the solution is to use technology to increase productivity. Combining legal specialists with technology is the answer to many problems. The law firm Kurt W. Carpenter, PLLC helps homeowners, business owners, and entrepreneurs in Montgomery County and the Houston area who need legal assistance. Attorney Kurt Carpenter focuses on real estate litigation, including construction, commercial and real estate law. Our office understands the legal issues faced by Houston owners, business owners and contractors as we also invest heavily in this market. If you need to speak to a lawyer who has experience as a business owner and investor, call us immediately for an initial consultation. We`re here to help. Kendra`s holistic approach means she`s always looking for solutions to problems her clients may not yet see. With over two decades of experience in the legal industry, she knows how to spot problems before they happen. If you get divorced, you`ll have something to worry about.

This role is very different from that of the traditional lawyer, but many lawyers are not trained for their new role and often lack the necessary skills. In addition, many older lawyers simply do not want to learn new business skills or use the new tools of the trade. They like to leverage traditional legal skills rooted in their DNA. Pat Carpenter has practiced aggression and work in central Iowa for more than 40 years. His expertise and experience make the difference. During the stressful period following an accident or injury, you need someone who has the strength and legal knowledge to help you move forward with the benefits you deserve. Kendra is respected throughout the legal industry as a certified family law specialist by the Ohio State Bar Association. She has received numerous awards and was selected for several years in the Ohio Super Lawyers. She was also inducted into Columbus Business First 40 Under 40 and served as vice chair of the Ohio State Bar Association`s Family Law Committee. We help our clients navigate the legal system so they can focus on improving instead of dealing with paperwork and arguing with insurance companies. At Carpenter Family Law LLC, Kendra does just that.

She starts by getting to know her clients personally and asking them questions about their lives, goals and concerns about the court case. She is honest and works closely with each client to help them create a plan for their future. She may not always have the answer you want, but it will be the answer you need. Today`s business clients want timely business advice and business results, not just legal recommendations. They want to avoid risks, ensure their organizations comply with regulatory requirements, make contractual commitments quickly and easily, and have their lawyers help them avoid problems before they arise. Business leaders want their lawyers to give them the data they need to measure lawyers` performance and justify new hires. Whether you`ve been injured, sought legal advice for a loved one`s injury, or faced the wrongful death of a family member, we understand this is an emotional and challenging time. Our staff is ready to welcome you to ensure the smooth running of the legal process. At CLS, we succeed because, unlike recruitment firms or other legal research firms, we focus exclusively on the permanent search and recruitment of lawyers. We provide our clients with the most comprehensive and targeted lawyer search in the industry, identifying not only candidates who are actively seeking a new opportunity, but also key passive candidates who are not currently looking for a new position. Our clients work with us in our ongoing search for lawyers based on our expertise and experience, our extensive network of candidate relationships, our detailed and comprehensive search process, and our commitment to building and fostering successful working relationships.

Dr. Katherine King is President and CEO of Yarris Technologies and co-founder of Dazychain Legal Matter Management Software Providing in-house legal services today is providing legal services the way the client wants, and some lawyers don`t have the tools to do that. Contact us TODAY to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our lawyers. Let us help you determine your options for resolving the legal issues that interrupt your life. The sooner you have an action plan, the better your chances of taking the right steps to achieve the desired results. A common solution is to add a legal operations specialist to the legal department. The number of legal operations consultants in law schools has increased dramatically in recent years. A 2021 Thomson Reuters survey found that 80% of responding departments now have dedicated legal employees. Carpenter Legal Search, Inc. (CLS) responds to the growing demand for strategic and well-defined lawyer search and recruitment services in today`s challenging and ever-changing legal market. Identifying, reviewing, interviewing, and negotiating with multiple lawyers in different locations can take up your valuable time. Doesn`t it make sense to focus your energy only on the most qualified lawyers? That`s what we provide.

And all this with an uncompromising and personalized service. It is the same with the law. Creating a custom document is satisfying for the creator, and if the writer is an expert, the quality can be excellent. However, a contract automation system can generate certain types of contracts with better quality and faster than any custom effort. A document management system saves time in searching by email, various storage drives and paper. A triage system gives the client an immediate legal response at any time of the day or night. Many lawyers have never learned the skills their corporate peers have acquired in business strategy, financial management, data analytics, technology management, and organizational behavior. At the Faculty of Law, there is no time available for general business education because the “Priestley 11” core law subjects that are mandatory for admission to practice as a lawyer consume the curriculum. A law degree skips many of the important skills required for a successful career in law today. At Carpenter Law, our lawyers are focused on achieving positive and lasting results for you! We will work with you to create a plan to achieve the desired results. Through our understanding of the law and your understanding of circumstances, we win together.

The practice of Kandace A. (Deisher) Carpenter focuses on family law, estate planning, criminal matters and bankruptcy. Ms. Carpenter is admitted to practice in Maryland and Georgia and in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland. She is a certified mediator to accompany you in your collaborative solution. Attorney Kurt Carpenter represents Texas corporations, entrepreneurs and real estate investors. He is a graduate of Baylor University and South Texas College of Law. Pat and his team of local assault lawyers will work with you to get what you deserve. We assist business owners and investors on certain commercial law matters such as LLC formation and contract drafting, and we also maintain litigation practice for specific clients. Now is the time to prepare for your future and that of your children. When it comes to estate planning in Maryland, it often involves preparing wills, powers of attorney, and advanced medical directives. Contact us today.

If you are looking for a family law lawyer with extensive legal knowledge who is also able to provide strong representation, call 614-963-9324 for a free telephone consultation or send a message to Kendra online. Often, real estate investors and business owners find that their builder/contractor has taken unscrupulous shortcuts. If your project suffers from construction and construction defects, call us. At Carpenter Law, we are passionate about serving clients throughout Iowa. Starting with a free and detailed consultation, we offer a tireless commitment to each case. Our fee is a percentage of what you get back, eliminating your risk and maximizing your recovery potential. We are also willing to travel at our own expense to meet with you and discuss your situation, including evenings and weekends. She is a certified custodian by the Ohio Supreme Court and was a founding member of the American Academy of Certified Financial Litigators. Prior to working in family law, Kendra worked in commercial litigation for a national law firm, which gave her a unique perspective on divorce and high net worth custody litigation where one or both partners own a business.

Call 614-963-9324 for a free telephone consultation. As a boutique law firm, we recognize the individuality of each of our clients. On behalf of our business clients, we are committed to representing the interests and promoting minority women entrepreneurs. In representing our clients in family law, we attach great importance to parental rights for both mothers and fathers.