The Legal Priorities Project

Our goal is to establish “legal research” as a new area of research. We are currently focusing on four case areas: advanced AI law and governance, biosafety and pandemic preparedness, institutional design, and meta-research. Our research is influenced by the principles of effective altruism and the long-term paradigm. – Our objectives – Our main objective is to conduct basic research. In this way, we want to know what problems legal researchers should be working on to solve the world`s most pressing problems. At the heart of our approach is the protection of future generations. The Legal Priorities Project is an independent global research project founded by researchers at Harvard University. Our researchers and partners are based in leading law schools and private research centers around the world, including Harvard University, ITAM, MIT, Georgetown University, University of Denver, University of Oxford, ANU and OpenAI. Our full research program can be found here: Support our mission to conduct and support strategic legal research that addresses the world`s most pressing problem and to build a global community of lawyers committed to protecting the interests of future generations. You can contact us to understand how your donation can help us achieve these goals. We are actively seeking funding.

Information Policy: In order to make strategic decisions, we commit to engaging in non-research activities and conducting research that could positively shape the long-term future while having short-term policy implications. We also encourage top lawyers to work in politics and bring a long-term perspective to policy-making. The project`s Legal Priorities Working Paper Series aims to disseminate multidisciplinary basic legal research that addresses the world`s most pressing problems. This currently leads to a focus on protecting future generations. Our research explores areas that may have a disproportionate impact on the long-term development of human civilization, such as artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and biological hazards, as well as institutional design. We also conduct “meta-research” to identify issues that lawyers should work on in order to best protect the well-being of future generations. This series includes both working papers and published articles inspired by our research program. We conduct and support strategic legal research that mitigates existential risks and fosters the flourishing of future generations We currently focus on four root cause areas: advanced AI law and governance, biosecurity and pandemic preparedness, institutional design, and meta-research. Outreach and Community Building: Our goal is to raise awareness of our concern for the long-term future and build a global community that shares this concern. Anchoring longevity in law will be a key part of this process. We want to bring together researchers and decision-makers at all levels of leadership and support the most effective ways to use the law to protect future generations.

Litigation: Our goal is to identify and support effective litigation efforts that have the potential to mitigate existential risks and protect future generations.