Uc Davis Computer Science Requirements

• Concurrent courses (“XDC”) must not exceed half of the units offered to meet the requirements of the upper division of the major. University requirements state that all students planning to change majors must have completed at least one term at UC Davis and have a good academic reputation. Students must also complete the Change of Major form on OASIS. After completing core courses in mathematics, basic computer science, and science, you`ll move on to advanced studies in programming, networking, database systems, and other topics. You`ll customize your major by choosing courses from topics such as computer graphics, artificial intelligence, data visualization, and advanced math. Throughout your studies, you will be encouraged to put your courses into practice with internships and employment in the private sector. UC Davis computer science majors are well prepared for the competitive job market and postgraduate studies. Graduates have gone on to pursue careers with major employers such as Microsoft, IBM, Lockheed Martin and many start-ups. Senior Year: Before the start of your final year, take some time to reflect on your goals and plan the academic program for your final year as a student. To plan properly and ensure you get the most out of your remaining studies and meet all degree requirements, you need to know which requirements are not being met.

We recommend using the MyDegree advice tool for help. While it doesn`t replace academic guidance from your college and key advisors, it`s an online counseling tool that allows you to understand your degree requirements, track your progress toward graduation, and explore alternative and/or additional fields of study. In order to move on to the Computer Science major, all students must meet the following requirements: Freshman admits: During your third year, you will be notified by the Dean`s Office`s Undergraduate Education and Advice that a summary of your progress in meeting college and university requirements has been prepared. At this point, you should contact your department advisor to review your key requirements. You are responsible for ensuring that all requirements of your degree are met. Self-checking the requirements for the next degree will help you ensure that all requirements are met. A. UC Davis Extension Course with “X” ID. Students may apply credits earned in UC Davis Extension “X” lower and upper division courses only with written approval from undergraduate teaching and guidance at the Dean`s Office prior to enrollment in the 180-credit requirement. The degree allowed for these courses is usually less than the unit value indicated in the course description. Additional restrictions for UC Davis Extension “X” courses include: A maximum of 9 units can only be offered for elective courses and cannot be used to meet the college`s region, foreign language, upper division, or residency requirements. The College of Arts and Science encourages its students to develop functional skills in at least one language other than English before graduation.

The College requires AB applicants to take at least three consecutive terms (15 credits) of coursework or the equivalent in a foreign language. The requirements of BS candidates are determined by their respective main program. For more information on the on-campus residency requirement, see registrar.ucdavis.edu/registration/plan/bach-reqs#res With the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Program (IGETC). IGETC is a series of courses that prospective transfer students attending California community colleges can complete to meet the requirements of the University of California`s Lower Division/General Education. Students can meet the foreign language requirement by obtaining IGETC diploma certification. Our primary goal in selecting students for our graduate program is to find individuals who have academic achievements, a strong academic background in computer science (completion of a bachelor`s program, comparable to the bachelor`s program at UC Davis), and the potential to address the complex thinking and writing that graduate school requires. We evaluate this by looking at specific courses in computer science. We also use your letter of intent, letter of recommendation, resume and GPA (the fall 2022 undergraduate GPA is 3,736). Registration beyond the limit of 225 units. You must meet all degree requirements in the range of 180 to 225 units.

Once 225 credits have been completed (excluding credits awarded for College Board Advanced Placement exams or International Baccalaureate exams), you can only register with your permission. Such authorisation is rarely granted and usually serves only to enable the fulfilment of minimum requirements. A lock is placed on a student`s record when they reach 200 units in total, which requires the submission of an academic plan to verify that the degree can be completed within the 225-unit limit. You must adhere to an agreed course program and meet other conditions that may have been established. Approval must be obtained from the Undergraduate Academic and Counseling Department of the Dean`s Office before you are allowed to enroll in courses for the term after completing 225 units or more. You must meet four sets of requirements before you can qualify for an undergraduate application. The four groups are: Welcome to the Department of Computer Science! Our UC Davis students represent the future of computing in our state, our nation, and the world. Our department offers two majors: Computer Science (CS) or Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), two minors: Computer Science and Computational Biology, as well as courses for non-majors from other departments.

UC Davis Extension course with “XD” ID. Students can apply credits earned in UC Davis Extension “XD” lower and upper division courses to the 180-credit requirement. In addition, credits from these courses can be used to meet all university, campus, college, and major unit and subject requirements, including college areas, foreign languages, senior department, and residency requirements, in the same manner that the corresponding regular UC Davis course is accepted. You`ll spend your first two years in the major to meet the strict requirements of the lower divisions in basic math, science, and engineering concepts.