Utah Cell Phone Driving Laws

Utah`s reckless driving allows for secondary enforcement of anti-distraction laws, so reckless driving during distraction could result in your arrest for both the original crime and reckless driving. Meanwhile, through the Zero Fatalities Initiative and other campaigns, the state is using various media, including YouTube videos, to educate the public about the dangers of distracted driving. We spoke with assault attorney Craig Swapp about the laws on using your cell phone while driving in Utah. Rapich said about 25,000 crashes “attributed to distracted driving” have been confirmed in the past five years, resulting in 90 deaths and 10,000 injuries. He said mobile phones were located in half of these accidents. Utah`s reckless driving law moves closer to the hands-free state; However, the use of mobile phones is still accepted and widely used. Attempts by lawmakers such as State Representative Carol Spackman Moss to create a hands-free bill have failed so far. If you cause an accident by talking or texting on your mobile phone, you are responsible for the damage you have caused. Two types of applications are used in Utah: primary and secondary. The primary app means that if the police find that you`re violating the state`s distracted driving laws, they can arrest you for no other reason to do so. While the secondary app means police can only issue a distracted driving citation if you`re breaking another law at the same time.

Many U.S. states restrict cell phone use, and each state has different laws. In this blog, we`ll explore and explain the legal use of cell phones in Utah. In each vehicle case we process, we receive the mobile phone recordings as soon as possible. It`s just amazing to me how often people swear they weren`t using their phones at the time of the accident, but in fact, the evidence says otherwise. But if you lose control of your vehicle and commit a moving offense while eating that cheeseburger, the state`s reckless driving ban allows the officer to write you an additional quote for reckless or distracted driving. This can significantly increase your penalties for the moving violation. It is not illegal in Utah to consume soft drinks or eat while driving. While eating while driving is not something people can do safely, no state has passed a law that makes eating or drinking soft drinks a crime. Do not cause a crash while using your phone.

We, the lawyers, will investigate and find out. Polls suggest that most citizens want to be able to use their cell phones, but in cases where cell phone use causes distracted driving, jurors can be hard to blame for the accident. Even if the perpetrator was not using his cell phone at the exact time of the accident, the recordings often show him making calls or texting messages. This shows the jury that the driver was distracted and not paying attention. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous. Using a cell phone while driving can cause three types of distractions: manual distractions, cognitive distractions and visual distractions. When the driver removes one or both hands from the steering wheel, it is called manual distraction. Common examples include eating and drinking in the car while driving, playing with GPS, and of course, answering or texting on your phone. Cognitive distraction occurs when the driver`s mind is not focused on the task at hand. Chatting on the phone or even listening to a favorite podcast or radio station carries a risk. You have to be careful about what you`re doing – what happens if someone drives in front of you and you don`t notice? Visual distraction occurs when a driver observes something other than the road ahead. Yelling at children or grabbing something in the back seat can cause this type of distraction.

Distracted driving laws in Utah prohibit other cell phone uses while driving, not just texting and emailing. It is now illegal to use a mobile phone in any way, with the exception of GPS apps or hands-free calls while driving. But talking on the phone while using your hands is only a secondary offense. Of course, Utah`s laws on distracted driving have changed over the years. In 2007, the Utah legislature banned the use of cell phones while driving, but offenses could only be punished if they caused a traffic violation. In 2009, Utah lawmakers made it illegal to send text messages and emails in the car at any time while driving. It is now illegal for motorists to hold a phone to their ears when driving a vehicle in Utah. But as mentioned above, it is classified as a secondary offense.

Meaning: The police cannot stop you unless you cause a car accident or drive erratically, such as between lanes. Unfortunately, cell phones and distracted driving contribute to many car accidents in the United States every year. What do Utah lawmakers plan to do about it? Will legislators make it illegal? Will the phone now be a major offence? Well, Utah`s existing distracted driving law was debated earlier this year, but the Salt Lake City legislature passed the bill that would incentivize motorists to answer phone calls while driving a car, a predicate traffic violation. The House Transportation Committee voted 3-5 against the “hands-free cell phone bill.” So at this point, there`s nothing the Utah police can do when they see a driver answering the phone with their hands.