White Collar Crimes Studio Legale

The constant and timely updating of regulatory and jurisprudential developments at national and supranational level is a defining feature of the company. In fact, the founders of BRB are not only the founders of the association “Strafrecht, Wirtschaft und Wirtschaft”, but are also part of the board of directors of this association (“Strafrecht, Wirtschaft und Wirtschaft” is an interdisciplinary observatory focusing on case law in the field of white-collar crime). Leading Italian law firm Chiomenti wants to diversify its activities and create a new department for white-collar crime and business integrity. The department, which consists of three new high-level lawyers, will work closely with specialized law firms. The lawyers of this specialized boutique have extensive experience and specific skills to participate in several cases, including those of international scope. Since its creation in 2014, BRB Law has been active throughout the national territory in the field of commercial and corporate criminal law, offering legal assistance and advice to prevent the risk of crime both for Italian and foreign companies and for individuals. The new team will consist of Alain MarĂ­a Bone, Donato Vozza and Benedetta Venturato. In addition, Francesco D`Alessandro – Professor of Criminal Law at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan – and Stephen Manacorda – Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Campania – will participate as advisors to the new department. The presence not only of criminal professionalism, as well as stable and consolidated synergies with the main companies operating in other areas of law (corporate law, tax law, labour law and environmental law), completes the type of services offered to clients and promotes an integrated approach to the management of each whistle case handled.

The department will strengthen the already strong legal team of Chiomenti, one of the strongest Italian law firms with a clear international perspective, with more than 280 lawyers and tax advisors operating in major cities such as Rome, London, New York and Shanghai and others. The company has represented the Italian government in numerous privatizations and has a strong reputation for world-class banking, project finance, mergers and acquisitions and capital markets advisory.