Yukon Legal Aid

Legal Line – The Legal Line assists callers by providing free legal information. Call 668-5297 or 866-667-4305 toll-free. Visit yplea.com. Yukon Human Rights Commission – Accepts inquiries and complaints about allegations of discrimination in employment, services and rent. Contact them at 867-667-6226 or visit their website at yukonhumanrights.ca. Legal aid – If you need a lawyer but can`t afford it, you may be able to provide a lawyer for free or at little cost. Call 667-5210 or visit their website at legalaid.yk.ca. Government of Yukon – Click on this link for help finding a notary in yukon.ca/en/legal-and-social-supports/legal-services/find-notary Yukon courts in yukoncourts.ca for a description of each type of court. Visit the Court Services website in justice.gov.yk.ca/prog/cs/csindex.html for answers to questions about paying fines. Juror; Application for alimony and divorce.

The court clerk Yukon.ca/en/places/Whitehorse-court-registry or 667-5441 may accept payments ordered by the court; Provide information on court proceedings and court records. Residential Tenancies Office – This Yukon Government Community Services office provides information about landlords` and tenants` rights and obligations under The Residential Tenancies Act. They also provide legally binding dispute resolution when issues arise that cannot be resolved by landlords and tenants. Contact them at rto@gov.yk.ca or call 867-667-5944. Council of Yukon First Nations – Justice Programs – Justice staff provide information, basic advice and interpretations of documents, legislation, policies, criminal codes and regulations. Visit their cyfn.ca/services/justice-programs website for more information or call 393-9200. Due to concerns related to Covid-19, Law Line suspends face-to-face meetings. We will continue to offer our services by phone and email. We ask for your understanding and will keep you informed of developments. Victim Services – An office of the Government of Yukon that provides services to people affected by crime by listening and providing information. She can be reached at 867-667-8500 or by email at victim.services@gov.yk.ca.

Family Law Information Centre/FLICT – A public service that helps self-represented individuals understand family law procedures and resolve family law matters faster. Call their helpline at 456-6721 or visit their website at Yukon.ca/flic list of contacts for mortgage discharge files Canadian Legal Information Institute / CanLII – a non-profit organization that provides free access to court decisions from all Canadian courts. Visit canlii.org. Employment Standards – This Yukon government office, Community Services, adheres to minimum employment standards, such as wages and hours of work, as set out in the Employment Standards Act. The office provides information, education and dispute resolution services to employees and employers. Contact them at employmentstandards@gov.yk.ca or 867-667-5944. Yukon Ombudsman – supports the public who are treated unfairly when accessing a public service. Contact them at info@ombudsman.yk.ca or call 667-8468. Family Law Matters: Family Law Information Centre: 456-6721Public Defender in Criminal or Family Matters; Legal Aid Inquiries: 667-5210Legal Placement Service: Law Society of Yukon, 668-4231R. CM.P. – If you are worried about your own safety or someone else`s safety Find Yukon legal and pro bono services by area of activity List of contacts for mortgage payment issues Yukon Ombudsman – The Ombudsman, Information and Data Protection Officer and Public Interest Disclosure Officer have worked and issued guidance and advice during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist bodies subject to These laws to continue to carry out their functions and keep the public informed of developments. To support these efforts, they created a page on their website specifically for COVID-19-related documents.

Visit www.ombudsman.yk.ca/covid-19. Yukon Public Law Library – Open to all members of the public. The hotel is located in the courthouse on Second Avenue. Call them at 667-3086 or visit their website at Yukon.ca/libraries.