Ab Legal Consultancy Ltd

Just enter your email address below and we will send you an email if the company submits any documents or if the credit report changes. Ab Legal Consultancy Ltd is a company registered with Companies House, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. The business number is #13067958. The business office address is 61 Ingrebourne Road, Rainham, RM13 9AH, UNITED KINGDOM. 1 Cotehill Cottages Luzley Road, Ashton-under-lyne, OL6 9AL You can choose which notifications you receive and unsubscribe at any time. Includes risk score, credit limit, CCJs, mortgages and fees, directors` and secretaries` calendar, shareholders, ownership and group structure. No more UNLIMITED updates and FREE documents! This information is private and is only available in our reports. Your plan starts immediately and the remaining time of your existing plan will be reimbursed This file contains 7 million thousands of companies registered at Companies House, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Industrial Strategy. All forms of companies (as permitted by the United Kingdom Companies Act) are registered and registered with Companies House and submit specific details as required by law. All registered limited liability companies, including subsidiaries, small companies and inactive companies, are required to file annual financial statements in addition to the company`s annual financial statements, and all such documents are public.

Each company is registered with the company number, company name, registered address, date of incorporation, due date of accounts, industry code, etc. AB LEGAL CONSULTANCY LTD is a proposalToStrikeOff limited liability company, registered at Companies House under number 13067958. AB LEGAL CONSULTANCY LTD was established on 7 December 2020 with its registered office in Rainham. AB LEGAL CONSULTANCY LTD has been operating for 1 year(s) 10 month(s). According to the latest confirmation statement filed on December 7, 2020, there are currently 1 active administrator and activities related to the SIC code 69102 – Solicitors. To access some of these services, you will need the authentication code issued by Companies House. We may send your authentication code to the company`s registered address. We need your email address to send you email notifications. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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