California Predatory Towing Laws

(b) Notwithstanding clause (a) of the subdivision, immediately after illegal parking, a vehicle may be removed within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, in a fire lane, in a manner that interferes with the entry or exit of private property or in a parking lot or barn provided by law for persons with disabilities. (c) Subparagraph (a) does not apply to land intended for parking on residential land or to land intended to be parked in a hotel or motel where parking spaces or parking spaces in a particular room are clearly indicated. (d) The legislator intends to adopt subparagraph (a) to prevent motorists from being unnecessarily blocked and put in dangerous situations when traffic advisories and other civil remedies are available, thereby promoting the safety of the general public. (e) A person who contravenes subparagraph (a) shall be liable to the owner of the vehicle or his representative under civil law for twice the amount of the towing and storage costs. Some parking lots or streets have tow warning signs. And every parking ticket contains a notice that the police have the general authority to call a tow company for repeat offenders. However, officers do not attempt to notify drivers before asking a towing company to seize the vehicle. And owners of private property can have vehicles towed from their property without notice. 7. Credit cards OK.

The tower must accept credit cards as a means of payment for towing and storage fees, which must be reasonable. The Towing Regulations of the California Vehicle Code include four different situations that are addressed in law when vehicles can be towed by private property. First of all, if there are signs prohibiting public parking. This is by far the most common scenario covering shops, restaurants, houses, etc. Alternatively, if a vehicle is not operational, receives a parking quote, or is at someone`s home, it can also be towed. These situations are governed by vehicle code 22658. These are California`s towing laws. 22658 is the most important California statue for car towing. If another law authorizes the towing of a vehicle, that law provides additional reasons for towing. Signs prohibiting public parking What notice must be placed before you can tow a car from private property? If the private property has signs prohibiting public parking, an unauthorized vehicle may be towed.

Here are the requirements for signage: This is information that you won`t find anywhere else or by searching the Internet. The purpose of the kit, which goes beyond the information already detailed on this page, is on towing laws for private property in California. All for less than twenty years. That`s a lot and you can get it here. If you wish, you can convert the information in the legal package, including the legal record, into a letter of formal notice for the towing company to pay you a settlement without going to court. Some towing companies pay quickly because they hate being dragged to small claims court instead of being able to escalate the issue to a lawyer. No matter how you want to proceed, the straight towing kit is a “must” if you want to charge them to tow your car. In 1996, the owner of a towing company in Santa Ana, California, Patrick Tocher, was unfairly forced to close its doors when the city of Santa Ana revoked its towing license from the city of Santa Ana.

Instead of lying down and taking him, Mr. Tocher filed a “pro se” lawsuit against the city of Santa Ana; Among other things, the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act of 1994 (49 U.S.C. § 14501) preceded national and local laws in almost all towing matters; especially those dealing with the main problem of what this patrol towing industry should become; whether the owner/manager of a towing company may authorize to patrol its parking lots and tow vehicles that violate state or local laws or otherwise violate the rules of that entity. 22953. (a) An owner or person lawfully in possession of private property made available to the public or a recognizable part thereof for the free parking of vehicles, or an employee or representative of the public, shall not tow or remove a vehicle or cause it to be towed or removed within one hour after the vehicle is parked. The cops and the DAs have not forgotten the years 2000 to 2005. They vigorously prosecute towing companies and their drivers for car theft and extortion, even for the most technical offences (e.g., no payphone at the towing station; Car that is towed more than 1o miles away, etc.). If you`re being prosecuted for car theft or extortion for towing vehicles, the law firms of Jerry L. Steering can help. Call us at (949) 474-1849.

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