Episode 123 – Virginia Distillery Company – Amanda Beckwith

This episode features Amanda Beckwith of Virginia Distillery Company. Dr. George G. Moore was an Irishman who came to the United States in the 1970’s.  He loved collecting and drinking single malt whisky’s.  In 2011 the dream of a distillery began to become a reality.  In 2013 George’s son Gareth took over the reigns when his father passed… Keep Reading

Episode 122 – Ichiko Shochu – Tetsuro Miyazaki

This episode features Tetsuro Mayazaki of Iichiko Shochu. Shochu is the original Japanese craft distilled spirit.  It is more popular than sake and Japanese whisky.  This delicious spirit is a newcomer to the American market.  All of these years it has been unique to Japan and its restaurants.  Iichiko Shochu is distilled from barley.  In 1979 Iichiko was… Keep Reading

Episode 121 – Good Intent Cider – Matt Simon

Resize main navigation Canary Cocktails and Spirits – Episode 32 The What’s Happening Delco Podcast 9:25Change progress 1:31:31Change volume NEW PODCAST EPISODE Good Intent Cider – Matt Simon Fermented Adventure The Podcast Dec 14 1 hr 3 min Episode Description This episode features Matt Simon of Good intent Cider. For Adam Redding, cidermaking began as a hobby.  He took… Keep Reading

Episode 120 – Amaro Santoni – Luca Missaglia

This episode features Luca Missaglia of Amaro Santoni. Luca is driven by passion.  Amaro Santoni, an Italian Apartivo comes from the heart.  He also has a love of cocktails and brand building.  His focus is to help bartenders get out of their comfort zone.  Luca grew up in Milan. Very early on he discovered that the zest for… Keep Reading

Episode 118 – Invertase Brewing Co. – Stephen, Karen and Steve Zolnay

This episode features Stephen, Karen and Steve Zolnay of Invertase Brewing Company. When Stephen was 14 he bought his dad a homebrew kit for Father’s Day.  Their first collaboration as father and son was a terrible pale ale that they made on the kitchen stove.  That beginning experience got them hooked on making beer together.  They graduated into making their… Keep Reading

Episode 115 – Kenwood Original – Matt Serra

This episode features Matt Serra of Kenwood Original. Matt was working for Victory Brewing when the seed for a light beer option was planted.  Looking at the craft beer landscape he believed there was void for a light beer.  The idea for a Philly brand was born.  His experience in sales and marketing is helping to launch a… Keep Reading

Episode 114 – Mead Maker Allen Martin

This episode features Mead Maker Allen Martin. About five years ago Allen went to a beer bottle share with his wife.  He met Carver Wilson who Allen considers to be “The Home Mead Making Extraordinaire”.  Up until that time Allen had never tried mead.  After twenty minutes of enjoying the mead, Alan proclaimed, “that he was… Keep Reading

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