Microsoft Access Legal Case Management Template

At best, you`ll have to point, click, and type a lot to build the relationships. Even with the best-designed interface, creating links between documents and facts that also include page numbers is likely to be extremely tedious. In the worst-case scenario, you`ll need to enter values called “foreign keys” for related records – and you`ll need a cheat sheet or a very good memory to keep track of your list of foreign keys. Because so much technology is available for many purposes, some lawyers choose to build their own fact management systems with a relational database. The most common tools for this are Microsoft Access and a web-based program called AirTable, but there are also many other tools that serve this purpose. Third, you cannot create facts directly from documents in your case. In timelines, we have a feature called Highlight that allows users to download multiple documents, open them in a browser, and create facts directly related to the specific sections of the document that the user highlights. This feature is a huge time saver as it helps users create facts when reviewing a case`s documents. By unifying the document review and timeline creation processes, you can be better prepared and confident that you have extracted all the information you need from each document.

SharePoint is what brings it all together – all the apps that run your practice management system for a single case can be accessed on a single page using SharePoint. Instead of opening 5 different apps that make up your Office 365 practice management system, no matter what device you`re using, SharePoint offers efficiency in using all apps by linking each app from the case site home page (SharePoint). While Office 365 provides multiple applications, SharePoint is what makes the system truly effective for use in law firms, as it provides the efficiency and intelligence that law firms need for case management. A legal case management model is a good place to start, but the templates can only take you to a certain point. As you grow and grow your business, you may find that working in a shared document still requires manual effort, duplicate data entry, and checking to update all cases. Planning and maintaining balance and flow with appearances and assignments has never been easier when you`re using exactly the app you`re already using – Outlook. By connecting events to the SharePoint incident site, you can delete the event and manage the data on the case site. The calendar is accessible to all members of the case`s website, regardless of the device they use. I have been working in the legal industry since 1999 and have seen and worked my share of practice, client and case management systems for the past two decades. Over the past 20 years, however, I`ve seen the same cycle repeat itself over and over again – law firms were always adapting to new software, rather than new software adapting to the firm`s needs.

Law firms would pay thousands for software and sometimes, even more, to buy a server just for that software. No matter how many law firms reviewed the case management system, the software became outdated or simply didn`t work as the law firm had hoped. The system would soon be tedious to stay up to date, and the process of purchasing a new practice management system would begin again. In many cases, the software remained, but lawyers and staff reduced the amount of data entered, focusing only on what was necessary to make the system reasonably useful. Fields to look for in a dispute handling template for this section include the task name, task status, due date, assignee, a brief description of the task, and the case to which it relates. 2. Prepare organization template forms to request a cheque or exemption. If you`re looking for a legal case management model, it should include sections for: Many law firms are starting to use contract lawyers and paralegals, and using a real-time collaborative environment to track delegation and completion of tasks, such as Planner, makes it easier for you to worry about whether or not your contract workers are doing their jobs. The integration of Microsoft Planner in each case location fosters an environment of efficiency and accountability. It provides task automation, task delegation, and essentially project management of a case within your team.

The fields on this tab should contain basic contact information, such as an email address, phone number, and mailing address, if applicable. This section should also include a field that clearly indicates when this contact is categorized. A legal case management model can greatly simplify this process and help centralize all file details in one easily accessible place. Best of all, legal case management templates are customizable and you can customize them to fit your organization`s processes. The good news about these options is that it is possible to use them, albeit with some difficulty, to create a relational database that tracks case facts. Unfortunately, there are also many disadvantages. Notebooks are also very handy as they are a great place to keep all your research and lawyers` memos and memos. Remember when I mentioned earlier that your database was searchable? Notebook is included in this database. While most lawyers are used to writing notes on large white and yellow blocks, it`s best to store notes in your digital environment, along with everything else.