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Lawyers, like most professionals, are likely to change jobs several times during their career. The goal of the CDO is to provide students with the tools to secure their first job after graduation, as well as the skills required to navigate the legal market throughout their careers. In addition to facilitating on-campus and off-campus interviews with employers, the CDO offers a full range of services, including resume review, mock interviews, assistance in contacting Notre Dame`s extensive network of lawyers, and educational programs. The interactive map at the bottom of this page shows how the Faculty of Law has helped generations of lawyers find jobs in their target markets – from coast to inland and everywhere in between. Categorizes employed graduates based on how each graduate made the first contact that led to the job. Some students enter law school expecting career counseling services to give them employment, while many others believe jobs are managed through on-campus interviews. Even before the economy collapsed, many graduates found their jobs without the direct help of career guidance services, whether through connections or other self-initiated contacts. If no data is available for a graduate, it is marked as unknown. Jobs in government (at all levels) or public benefit organizations, such as non-profit organizations and unions.

Unless otherwise stated, we only count long-term and full-time jobs. Some law students have secured graduate assistant or teaching assistant positions in their second and third years. These jobs can usually be found on the ND job board or by contacting the class/department chair or professor. Examines all graduates by type of employer (e.g., law firm) and ranks graduates according to the type of employment they hold for that employer (e.g., paralegal), resulting in data on the number of paralegals or partners employed in a law firm. Check the box next to the jobs you are interested in. The office is comprised of experienced lawyers who are familiar with U.S. legal markets as well as specialized areas such as public interest law and articling positions. The University of Notre Dame attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Discover our campus virtually. Assistant President positions (open to 2L and 3L students) By agreeing to submit your resume, you agree (in accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy): To make Notre Dame the best it can be, we offer learning and development opportunities to help you be the best you can be and produce your champion! Notre Dame Law School`s Career Development Office helps students identify and maintain meaningful and rewarding positions.

Important note: Employment opportunities are available to ALL students, regardless of need, and are not part of the financial support program or a co-op program. If you have any questions or would like your data to be deleted from our service, please contact us here. Explore the map to see where ND law graduates from your home state are currently working, where graduates working in your target market are from, and what types of law these lawyers practice. Heidi Baguer, Manager of the 1152 Eck Hall of Law Recruitment Program 574-631-7398 Approximately 20 to 40 law students work as research assistants for our faculty each year. These positions are during the academic year or summer. Faculty members advertise these positions by email. Ranks employed graduates based on when each graduate received the offer for the position, which will take place starting in March after graduation. The options are before completion, between completion and bar results, after bar results and unknowns.

We strive to serve our mission by achieving our goals through our five core values – responsibility, teamwork, integrity, leadership in excellence and leadership in mission. An assistant president is a senior staff member who assists in the general administration of one of the dormitories at the University of Notre Dame. RAs live in dormitories, serving as mentors and friends, while supporting and enforcing university policies. While specific responsibilities vary from dormitory to dormitory, CAs attend weekly staff meetings, are on duty three to four nights a week, attend room events, work with the hall government, and plan six room programs per year. Many RAs on campus are law students. We offer exceptional insurance, a conveniently located wellness center, generous education and retirement packages and other unique benefits. We embrace an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion combined with academic excellence in all facets of our community, from students and faculty to staff and alumni. As a Catholic scientific and research institution, our mission is to support the holistic education of our students – the intellect, heart, and soul. At Notre Dame Law School, the CDO is designed to give students the tools they need to take control of their career path. The staff of the CDO will accompany you throughout your law studies and accompany you throughout your professional life.

Classifies salaried graduates according to whether each graduate continues to look for a new job even if they are already employed. The options are search, do not search, and unknown. Notre Dame Law School does not publish its salary statistics due to the limited data we have and privacy concerns. For information on starting salaries for law school graduates, we recommend that you consult the national salary data compiled annually by the National Association for Law Placement. Below is a table of NACP national salary data for the Class of 2019, broken down by industry. This is the most recent salary data available. More information on the national salary data for the NALP class of 2019 is available here. At Notre-Dame, “people make the place.” We strive to attract, select and develop people who are talented, passionate and motivated by our mission. We are looking for people who not only want to be part of the Notre Dame experience, but who want to help shape that experience for future generations. As a student at Notre Dame Law School, we encourage you to make your education and extracurricular efforts your top priority. However, students have the option to work part-time to supplement certain expenses for law school.