Quicken Loans Legal Internship

Quicken Loan`s internships are paid and are usually full-time. Interns are treated as full-time employees and are entitled to benefits such as dentistry, vision and health care. The Quicken Loans internship usually takes place at Quicken Loans` headquarters in downtown Detroit. Here it is offered as a full-time experience in the office. The internship also provides comprehensive professional development. Seventeen full-time employees work tirelessly as members of the internship experience team. His work is aimed at making the internship program very attractive and successful. This team develops internal events such as networking opportunities, LinkedIn workshops, and more. Their job is to make sure that interns get the most out of the program. In fact, a unique feature of the Quicken Loans internship is its policy, which allows interns to accompany everyone in the company upon request.

At the heart of the company`s philosophy is a set of 19 ISMs, also known as core philosophies, that all employees want to embody. One of these ISMs is “yes before no”. This means that if a new intern asks to follow even the founder of the company, they can expect a “yes” if possible. We are pleased to announce that the summer season #internship officially started today at Quicken Loans. Nearly 1,000 #interns are coming to us this summer! Most internships at Quicken last one semester and accept applications a few months in advance. For example, in the summer of 2020, applications for internships in the fall of 2020 were possible. The Quicken Loans internship offers more than just work experience. He is seriously dedicated to supporting interns in advancing their careers. From professional panels to one-on-one interviews with recruiters, interns can expect more than just on-the-job training.

If you`re still not sure if this opportunity is right for you, consider signing up for an internship and job matching service like Scholars, where you can find dream jobs. You upload information about your experience, skills and goals. You`ll then have access to podcast interviews with top hiring managers, goal-focused articles, exclusive webcasts, and interview preparation tools. The best recruiters will contact you directly to match you with the position of your dreams. Finally, the Quicken Loans internship program is deeply committed to each intern and their personal goals. Interns are paired with support team leaders who are genuinely interested in what each intern wants out of the program. Executives work with interns to connect them with opportunities across the company and sometimes even between different companies in the Rock family. If you`d like to learn more about the opportunities offered by the Quicken Loans internship program, don`t miss this article.

Each intern at Quicken Loans is paired with a mentor who provides ideas, advice and feedback throughout the internship. The mentor will also help you support your work related to the project. To learn more about what to expect from a Quicken Loans internship, read this interview with former intern Mickey Maher, who is now the head of academic relations for Rock Central. As Mickey Maher points out in his podcast interview, internships don`t have to be the ultimate career path, even though that`s always the goal at Quicken. This year-round internship program is designed for any student or professional looking to change careers. We have a simple goal: to help you become the best version of yourself. That`s why you have the opportunity to connect with people from different industries and get all the tools you need to get the most out of that experience. Your time here will be filled with rewarding work, all with the goal of helping you reach your full potential. All we ask is to give us everything you have.

As the COVID-19 pandemic changes plans around the world, the internship is far from complete. For the foreseeable future, interns from Washington, DC, New York or wherever they call can participate. Many students may think that the Quicken Loans internship is best suited for students who want to learn more about mortgage transactions or the real estate market. In reality, however, this internship program covers many more areas and can be suitable for almost any major. In addition, Quicken Loans is committed to giving back to its community through the internship program. Recent interns participated in the City of Detroit`s Summer in the City program. This put them in touch with local youth and gave them the opportunity to participate in public relations. But how can you get one? Competitive internships sometimes receive thousands of applications for a few coveted positions. Inquiring about the internship opportunity and familiarizing yourself with the application process is your first step.

This unique commitment offers the opportunity to get to know the industry from different perspectives. While some students may book an internship at Quicken Loans for future fintech professionals or future mortgage bankers, the company actually employs people with much more background and from almost every university major. Quicken Loans belongs to the Rock family of companies, so all internships go through Rocket Careers. Once you join our internship program, you`ll have access to a network of thousands of team members from our portfolio of companies. You`ll have one-on-one conversations with people outside your immediate team to better understand the roles you`re interested in. And at the end of your time here, you`ll leave with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience you need to start your career. If graduates or young professionals want to gain experience in a new field, internships can provide a solid foundation. Internships provide an opportunity to learn new skills, network with professionals and gain knowledge about the industry. While internships are a great stepping stone early in your career, they`re not always easy to get. Quicken Loans is an important part of efforts to transform the economy of the city of Detroit, Michigan. They currently employ more than 13,000 people in the city and offer a well-organized internship program.

Even if you don`t care about finance, Quicken Loans internships can be valuable experience in many areas. Marketing, communication, and computer science students should all consider a Quicken Loans internship.