Raging Waves Height Requirements

Here is the verse from Psalm 93:4: “The Lord from on high is mightier than the many waters, even the roaring waves of the sea.” Randy said, “As owners, we believe that God is indeed omnipotent and that He has His hand in everything we do. We choose to follow Him through all the ups and downs of life, and we know that He will help us get through it; Even if the “waves” of life can sometimes be “unleashed”. Yes. Most of our attractions have a size and weight requirement to participate. These requirements can be found on the Attractions page of our website. Requirements can also be found on the safety rules signs at the entrance of each trip. Randy told us how he came up with the name of the park and at the end he read “raging waves” in a verse while doing his daily devotion, and it was clear to him that this should be the name of his park. It was so refreshing to hear its history and authenticity. Wild wallabies are two pink and green slides added in 2018. You must be 42 inches (or larger) tall to ride these slides. You certainly drive faster when you lie down, but be careful because water will eventually run down your nose when you do.

The Crocodile Mile is one of our favorite water slides in the park. You need to be 42 inches (or larger) tall to climb and the rafts can accommodate four people. It`s a closed-tube slide, so the ride is sometimes dark, but there are cool pinholes as you go down that form shapes and patterns. Maximum working load 2 people, 400 lbs (182 kg). Maximum individual weight of cyclist, 300 lbs Do not run, dive, stand, kneel, turn or stop on the slide. Do not cross your legs or try to sit until you stop in the stop lane. The following information will help you and your family have a pleasant visit to Raging Waters, San Jose: Call before you travel. Every morning, the Raging Waves team has a meeting at 8 a.m.

where they review weather conditions and develop a plan for the day. If there is wind, rain in the forecast, etc., they may decide to open later, close earlier and/or close certain attractions. This happened when we were there last year and it wasn`t fun to wait in the parking lot until they opened. The woman at the door said they were trying to post the status on their Facebook page before 9 a.m. Your belongings must be stored in a clear plastic bag so that staff can inspect them without contact when entering the park. I brought a white mesh bag but figured they couldn`t see through some mesh bags and it really must be clear plastic, so the doorman gave me a clear plastic bag at the door when we entered. Believe it or not, every day we have guests taking their car keys with alarm cushions to swim. Many keyless electronic entries do not work after getting wet. Please use our lockers for ALL your valuables, as we take no responsibility for the loss of your valuables. Any time during our operating season is a good time to visit. Warmer temperatures tend to attract more customers, so we recommend arriving early in the day. There are programs in schools, such as Plunge Into Fitness and reading programs where your kids can get free admission.

You can ask your school or call Raging Waves for more details. You mentioned that you can also enroll in these programs if you are homeschooled. Address and contact information: Raging Waters, San Jose 2333 South White Road San Jose, CA 95148 Phone: (408) 238-9900 Fax: (408) 270-2022. Check out our attractions section at Raging Waves, find out what you most want to ride and go first. On a busy day, the queues get longer after lunch. We recommend heading there when Raging Waves opens, which is usually 10:00am, but don`t forget our second tip above. Drivers must remain on the pipes while driving. If you accidentally fall off the tube, take down the gutter without it and leave it normally. General admission to Raging Waves starts at $34.99 and varies by day of the week and is free for children under 2. There are also a few extras to consider.

Please consult the safety rules signage at the entrance of each attraction for more information. It is recommended not to wear glasses in any attraction. Raging Waves is the largest outdoor water park in the state and is located on over 40 acres in Yorkville, IL (just 45 minutes west of Chicago). Not only are there all kinds of slides and rides, but there`s also a large, lazy river, wave pool, sandy area, and several areas for young children to splash, slide and swim. Only you know yours, your child`s or someone you`re watching. We strongly recommend that all guests under 48 inches or weak or non-swimmers wear Coast Guard approved life jackets, if applicable. In the wave pool, all guests under 48 inches must wear a life jacket and be accompanied by an adult. We insist that parents keep their children handy to keep a close eye on all water activities. Life jackets are available free of charge throughout the park.

When in doubt, wear a life jacket! We strongly recommend that minors under the age of 18 be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The Park assumes no responsibility for unsupervised minors. An appropriate swimsuit must be worn on all rides and attractions. No street clothes, no shoes and no swimsuits with buckles, belts, rivets, metal or cut jeans allowed. Shirts and shorts are allowed at most attractions. (Bombs Away only requires swimwear, no metal, no sunglasses, no shoes, etc.) For the safety of guests, please do not wear masks, snorkels or fins. See dress code and code of conduct below. There are individual and family lockers for $12 and $15 respectively for the day. With bottled water, flip-flops, wallet, wallet, keys, phones, and towels, I would recommend a family locker. The lockers are very convenient because you buy one from a vending machine and it prints bracelets with barcodes on it, so you don`t have to carry a key or card to open the locker. You can also find a shady spot and leave your belongings there.

Please visit our Parking Rules and Policies page for more information. Applications must be submitted to you two months before your event date with a stamped envelope. Cyclone and Platypus dive are right next to each other. Cyclone is another funnel slide, but more tame than Boomerang, and Platypus Plunge is a very fast ride. Both require you to carry a two-person hose upwards. You can ride with one person on the double tube, but it`s definitely more fun (and less cumbersome to carry) with two people. Raging Waters is located in Cunningham Lake Regional Park and both facilities are non-smoking. You cannot bring into Raging Waters. We sell alcoholic beverages in the park.

Please call us at (408) 238-9900 or email us using the contact form and we will be happy to assist you. Contact us Keyless electronic lockers are located near the wave pool and Main Plaza locker rooms for a small fee. Raging Waters accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express at the main entrance counters, Oasis Gift Shop and most restaurants. Some takeaways only accept cash. Tickets, season passes and food offers can also be purchased online. Once inside the park, there is an ATM in the Oasis gift shop next to the fountain in the main square. Children under 48 inches (1.22 m) are not allowed on this trip. VIRGINIA GRAEME BAKER POOL AND SPA SAFETY ACT – On December 19, 2008, the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act came into effect. This new law requires pool drainage grids that comply with the VGB standard. We are VGB compliant, but please note that in some applications, these gratings have a high profile relative to the ground, as required by law. Warning: Increased rust – All of our raised grilles have a red circle highlighting their location. They are designed to be accessible, but in shallow water situations, they can present a tripping hazard.

Kangaroo Falls is filled with slides, water cannons, rope bridges, water pipes and a tipping bucket. There are sun loungers in the area and lifeguards on patrol. Brock`s giant sandbox is a large stretch of sand where you can play and build sand creations. There are plenty of chairs around the perimeter and showers at the exit to wash the sand. Raging Waters, San Jose cares about your safety. Therefore, we do not allow the bringing of food or drinks from outside or glass of any kind into the water park. However, plastic bottles sealed with water are allowed. For your enjoyment, we have a small picnic area outside the park on a first-come, first-served basis.

Firearms, knives or sharp objects are not permitted on Raging Waters, San Jose property. We also do not allow coolers or pets in the park. Trained and certified by Ellis & Associates, our lifeguards are stationed throughout the park to ensure proper handling of rides and care for guests in the pools. A certified MPE is also on site at all times. The staff is there for your safety and service. Slide must first be mounted with his feet, lying on his back, legs crossed firmly at the ankles and arms crossed over his chest. You can`t bring food into the water park from outside, but Shark Cafe accepts mobile orders and there are QR codes outside the restaurant or you can download the Raging Waves app to order food. If you have food allergies, they recommend calling the park the day before and they will accommodate you.