Rule on Community Legal Aid Service

SECTION 2. — The legal profession is imbued with the public interest. As such, lawyers have a duty to give meaning to access to adequate legal aid under Article III, Section 11, of the 1987 Constitution by providing their legal services to the public in an effective and practical manner consistent with the independence, integrity and effectiveness of the profession. To comply with this constitutional obligation, lawyers are required to provide pro bono services to those who would otherwise be denied access to adequate legal services. Iv. Legal services provided in the course of employment in the judicial, executive or legislative branches shall be deemed to satisfy this rule, provided that the lawyer concerned has been in the public service for at least six months before being admitted to the bar; provided, moreover, that the legal services provided are substantial, as attested by the heads of office; and (m) “law firm” means a private law firm or a law firm with a pro bono program designed to provide free legal aid services and assistance to needy and poor clients. (l) “IBP Section Legal Aid Committee” means the IBP Section Committee that supervises lawyers covered in the provision of free legal services. (f) “Law School Legal Aid Office” means an office or centre within the clinical legal education programme of a law school, duly organized and accredited under Rule 138-A (The Law Student Practice Rule), for the purpose of providing legal assistance and services to poor and poor clients. (e) “Other persons with limited resources” means persons who may not be covered by paragraphs (c) and (d) but who would not be financially able to pay for counsel in the circumstances. These include marginalized groups and organizations such as farmers, indigenous peoples, children in conflict with the law, victims of gender-based violence and other similar causes. (f) Timesheets and Timesheets — The IBP Section Legal Aid Committee or authorized legal aid service provider shall keep a record of the time spent by new lawyers in providing free legal aid to qualified parties or litigants. For that purpose, the committee or legal aid service provider shall designate a person responsible for keeping timesheets indicating the number of hours that each new advocate spends per week providing legal aid for each assigned file and/or client. Time spent at the office or location designated by the IBP Legal Aid Committee or IBP Section`s accredited legal aid service provider, whether or not clients are taken care of, is also recorded and included in the calculation of the hours prescribed by this rule.

The actual hours that new lawyers spend with the client in court or in front of a court-like agency are also recorded and counted. Within thirty (30) days of the date of signature of the Law Society list, each lawyer mentioned above must provide his or her affidavit and that of the chair, director or supervising partner or counsel of the accredited legal aid service provider with whom he or she emphasizes his or her right to an exemption from the rule. Otherwise, the new lawyer is not considered exempt from the rule. SECTION 6. Compliance deadline.— Covered lawyers must complete the Community Legal Aid Service within twelve (12) months of the date of signature of the list of lawyers. Within one (1) month of the expiry of this period, the lawyers concerned must submit to the OBC the certificate of compliance issued by the approved legal aid provider. If you believe that you have been deprived of legal services or have been unlawfully discriminated against on the basis of any of the characteristics protected above, you may contact one of the following entities to lodge a complaint: (g) `public interest legal group` means any group, association, institution, office or centre which is properly organised and which has a specific and clear mandate; support certain marginalized sectors of society in their legal needs. For the purposes of this section, such a group must have been organized and on active duty for its term of office for at least five (5) years before the coming into force of this section. I.

Covered lawyers in the executive and legislative branches of government, provided that the covered lawyer is in the service of the government at least six (6) months prior to admission to the bar; However, persons employed by the judiciary, the Public Prosecutor`s Office, the Public Prosecutor`s Office, the Public Prosecutor`s Office, the Public Prosecutor`s Office, the Office of the Government Management Adviser and the Office of the Ombudsman are automatically exempted from compliance with this rule; (b) “pro bono legal aid service” means supervised legal services after authorisation in civil, criminal and administrative matters, including: Contact the legal services organization (sometimes called legal aid) or other non-profit entities that offer free or discounted legal aid in your district or city.