Street Legal Prerunner

The F-150 is legal in the state of Arizona, but within minutes it can be converted for racing by simply removing all the glass. Since the completion of the F-150, the truck has traveled only 150 miles. The truck is offered for sale at Race-Dezert. A muscular Roush/Yates engine sits in the front bay. It`s no ordinary engine — it`s an older NASCAR Nextel Cup engine that produces 800 horsepower, 600 pounds of torque and spins at 8,500 rpm. The engine is equipped with dual ignition systems and is powered by two Optima batteries. The engine is connected to a C-6 gearbox with a TCS converter, a valve body built by Mogi and TCS internals. Power is sent to both wheelsets via an Atlas II transfer case. A dirt-tech tail with a coil of 40 TCS axle splines sits at the rear to guide the wheels through the sandbox. Since she sees a lot of race tracks, a performance chassis had to be built so she could comb the desert at high speed. The suspension was manufactured with King threaded shock absorbers and a FOX external cooling system to prevent the shock absorbers from overheating. Six-piston CNC calipers are equipped with four legs to immobilize the truck and a set of general tires ensures the grip of the sandbox. The F-150s may be a dozen, but that doesn`t mean some don`t stand out as Ford`s rugged precursor.

Built by Dirt-Tech, this precursor was designed to be used as a pursuit vehicle by a professional off-road team. Dirt-Tech spent a lot of time and elbow grease turning her into a wild beast. In the cockpit rest three bucket seats, an after-sales dashboard, an 8-inch lowrance GPS and a radio / intercom. A roll bar with all 4130 Chromoly constructions protects the drivers. Jimco luxury Pre-Runners are true works of art. Designed from the ground up to excel on the most extreme off-road terrain, they surround the rider with luxury with high-end amenities. From supercharged dual air conditioners to custom leather seats to the most user-friendly modern technology for GPS tracking and vehicle performance management, Jimco precursors are considered off-road supercars. We have been building championship off-road racing cars by hand since 1975 and are highly regarded for their durability and obsessive details to adjust and process.

For the ultimate pre-racer, nothing beats this supercar for dirt. A high degree of individualization and impeccable attention to detail are key. Performance and style harmonize to provide the best driving experience.