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Whiskey Tangents with Laura Fields

This episode features Laura Fields of The Delaware Valley Fields Foundation.

In this episode Laura and I go down a number of whiskey history tangents. Ā We hope that you enjoy this fascinating journey into some little discussed stories of our past.

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Highlights From our Conversation:

Jefferson’s Bourbon

Stoll and Wolfe

Jack Sullivan


Wild Turkey

Leopold Brothers

Alan Bishop

Judson and Moore

Whiskey Trust

Quantum Spirits

Koval Distillery

Laird & Company

Episode 125 – Indepenent Spirits Distillery – Mark Breen-Klein

This episode features Mark Breen-Klein of Independent Spirits Distillery.

Kerry, Mark’s mother, was trying to decide a business to go into as her children were leaving home to explore their lives.  Without any experience or knowledge the decision was made to start a distillery.  Mark brought his biomedical engineering degree background into the family business.  His attention to detail and a focus on a uniform product takes their spirits to a new level.  There are quite a few expressions to be proud of which are all unique, creative and full of flavor.  These are expressions that pay homage to the local farmers of South Jersey that surround this family craft distillery.  

131 Davidson Rd, Woolwich Township, NJ 08085

(609) 202-5458– www.ISDistillery.com – Facebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Two Bridges Wine, Beer and Spirits Trail

Rabbit Hill Farms

Mood’s Farm Market

Tito’s Vodka

Episode 119 – Laura Fields – Whiskey History and The Delaware Valley Fields Foundation

This episode features Laura Fields of The Delaware Valley Fields Foundation.

Nothing ever stops in farming. Ā In 2015 they started out with five ounces of Keystone Rosen Rye grain. Ā Today there are over 400 acres that have been planted. Ā This project was created for distillers to purchase direct from farmers. Ā Currently, there are nine farming partners growing the Rosen Rye. Ā October 28, 2022, Dick Still would have celebrated his 89th birthday. Ā Dick was a featured guest of the podcast in Episode 14. Ā Check out that episode for more insight into this Master Distillers experiences. Ā Laura and I delve into the history of whiskey. Ā Especially as it relates to rye and Pennsylvanias imprint on this wonderful grain.

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Highlights From our Conversation:

American Whiskey History

Seed Spark Project


Dick Stoll

Stoll And Wolfe Distillery

Penn State Agriculture

Dancing Star Farms

American Whiskey Convention


Liberty Pole Spirits 

Dave Pickerell

Ethan Smith

Leopold Brothers

Sagamore Spirits

Episode 109 – Proof and Wood Ventures – Dave Schmier

This episode features Dave Schmier of Proof and Wood Ventures.

Dave co-founded Redemption Rye in 2010.  In 2015 he sold the company and within a short time he started Proof and Wood.  Presently he doesn’t distill, however, he does source some incredible whiskey and barrel aged spirits.  A huge part of what they do is blending of whiskey.  The have recently added rum to the mix.  Dave’s been developing boutique craft brands for over 20 years.  The Proof and Wood library includes international whisky too.   Dave’s experience in the beverage industry and working in bars shines through on the expressions that he has created.

www.ProofandWood.com –Ā Instagram

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Highlights from our discussion:

Redemption Rye Whiskey


Seagram’s Distillery

Bar Convent Brooklyn

Widow Jane

Sidney Frank

Leopold Bros Distillery

Dad’s Hat Rye

American Craft Spirits Association

Indie Spirits Expo

Episode 108 – Redwood Empire Whiskey – Lauren Patz

This episode features Lauren Patz of Redwood Empire Whiskey.

The story begins not with whiskey but, with wine. Ā Derek Benham started a wine company over 20 years ago. Ā He built the brand and sold it in 2013. Ā He then set his sights on starting a distillery. Ā White spirits flowed from the still and they began laying down barrels in 2015. Ā Redwood Empire is located in the heart of Sonoma, California. Ā Lauren grew up in a wine making family. Ā Her journey into distilling started with the study of history (Not the history of spirits) Ā and she learned how to make candy while in Japan. Ā It was when she was pairing chocolate and spirits that it opened her world to spirits. Ā Learn more about the amazing whiskeys that Redwood is producing and we are certain that you’re sure to become a huge fan too. Ā It will be love at first sip.

www.RedwoodEmpireWhiskey.com –Ā Facebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Trees For The Future

Adams Grain

Admiral Maltings

Spirit Works Distillery

Chuao Chocolatier

Benham’s Gin

Mark West Wines

Bar Convent Brooklyn

Episode 104 – Laws Whiskey House – Barb McDonald and Crystal Barrios

This episode features Barb McDonald and Crystal Barrios of Laws Whiskey House.

Laws is a local distillery in Denver, Colorado.  They began distilling in 2011 and sold their first drop of whiskey in 2014.  Their focus from the beginning was to make, age and sell their own juice.  For Al and Mary Ann Laws, whiskey is the passion and whiskey is the goal.  Since day one… Whiskey Above All!  Today, everything that goes into the bottle represents Colorado terroir.  Barb and Crystal take us through the fascinating world of Laws Whiskey House.  We learn about how the grain makes it to the glass.  We have the pleasure of tasting and discussing 2 of their amazing expressions.  Enjoy the episode and try this whiskey for yourself.  It will quickly become a favorite pour.  Laws is craft at its finest and it is destined to only get better.

Ā 1420 S Acoma St, Denver, CO 80223Ā – (720) 570-1420 – www.LawsWhiskeyHouse.com – Facebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Independent Stave Company

Bar Convent Brooklyn

Thomas Kinkade

San Luis Valley

Episode 100 – Holy Ghost Distillery – John and Janice Sepcoski

This episode features John Sepcoski and Janice Sepcoski of Holy Ghost Distillery.

Janice and John enjoyed visiting distilleries, breweries and wineries.  After visiting a distillery 7 years ago John said, “I can do better then this”.  This led them to looking for land and a building to host their vision.  What they’ve set out to create is a total experience.  Not just buy a bottle or purchase a cocktail, but the experience to make new friends over a cocktail.   They have left their full time careers to live out a dream.  As Janice puts it, “Now I do Bourbon”.  We had a wonderful time experiencing their chocolate and bourbon pairing.  The final part of our podcast journey was the absinthe extravaganza.  It was all a fitting tribute to celebrate our 100th episode.

990 State Route 940, White Haven, PA 18661Ā – (570) 990-2673 – wwwholyghostdistillery.com –Ā Facebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Stave and Thief Society

The Bard Distillery

Harvest Hosts

Mitch Abate

The Absinthe Murders

Moonshine University

Old Forester

East Coast Barrels

Distilling Rosen Rye at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Distillery

This was a crisp fall Sunday morning. You could barely see the fog of your breath after sipping the hotel cup of coffee. A few of the collaborators had mustered for breakfast. Grabbing bagels, pieces of fruit and whatever else would travel quick and light. Fueling up for the long days journey that lie ahead. Some had barely gotten more than 4 hours sleep from the previous days activities. The sun began illuminating the golden leaves that still clung to their branches. There was an electricity that filled the atmosphere. Anticipation consumed the one mile trek up the winding hill to where the old mill and the distillery stand. It was difficult to adhere to the posted speed limit. Speedily pulling into the parking lot. Hurrying to get out of the car. Gear in hand. We have been here before. But, this time the beast began to come to life.

The walk was familiar. The same familiar pathway. Familiar faces greeted us as we entered the dimly lit distillery. George Washington’s Mount Vernon Distillery still runs on natural light. Sunlight beamed through every window to reveal the magic that was taking place. Sounds of buckets being filled. Wood being stacked neatly next to the stills. Five in all. Named after queens. There was a hive of well orchestrated activity. Mash tons being emptied into buckets. Stills being filled being filled with fermented Keystone Rosen Rye and heirloom corn. Fires being lit. Steam rising from the tubs. Fresh water being diverted from the mill to be used to cool the hot distillate. More wood being carted in. An empty mash tun being turned onto its side and rolled out the door to be cleaned and prepared for the next ferment. The crackle of the fire and the smoke from the wood was a distinct education of how whiskey was made back in the 1700’s. Everyone there was playing a role and focused intently on making history and history come alive.

Steve Bashore drove a big box truck up to Imler, PA. Robert and Sherri McDonald of Dancing Star Farm had 11,000 pounds of grain waiting to be picked up and milled for distilling. The catalyst for this historic event took place between a conversation with Steve and Laura Fields of The Delaware Valley Fields Foundation. Laura loves whiskey, history and promoting heirloom grains and the farmers that grow them. She asked if GWMV would want to run Rosen Rye. Of course Steve was more than happy to make that happen.

Steve got to work planning, organizing and assembling an all-star team to put it all together, people of like mind who love history and distilling. They all came together to create whiskey and retell the story and produce a new one. The sense of camaraderie came through. Of course, having a game plan was helpful. Everyone worked together with a sense of pride. Thomas and Kim Bard came all of the way from Graham, KY, leaving The Bard Distillery for a few days to assist in distilling. Erik and Jim Wolfe, who are no strangers to Rosen, brought their experience and expertise. Stoll and Wolfe Distillery distilled Rosen just 2 years earlier. Lisa Roper Wicker, of Widow Jane, focused on the process as the stills began to offer their sweet and fruity distillate. Lisa has been a familiar face at GWMV since the very beginning. Aleasha Monroe is the head distiller at West Overton. They just released a Monongahela Style Rye and she brought her knowledge and skill. The Mount Vernon team brought it all together.

The Rosen is being distilled with Orange Creole and Bloody Butcher Corn. Time will tell if the juice will be bottled separately or together. It will rest in barrels from Kelvin Cooperage, Speyside Cooperage in Virgina, and a very special barrel made from a 240 year oak tree that fell at Mount Vernon 3 years ago. There is great anticipation for some bottles of the white spirit to be offered. This will provide a prelude of things to come. Whiskey and history lovers alike have so much to look forward to. George Washington’s Mount Vernon Distillery is moving into the future while retaining the roots of the past.

Listen to our interviews as we reflect on this historic event.

Part 1:

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Episode 76 – West Overton Distilling – Aleasha Monroe and Sam Komlenic

This episode features Aleasha Monroe and Sam Komlenic of West Overton Distilling.

Some familiar and many not so familiar faces filled the large room at West Overton Museum. Ā The sold out crowd of over 100 people showed up to talk, drink and learn about rye whiskey. Ā More specifically Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey was the focus and topic of conversation. Ā The distinguished panel included: David Wondrich who is widely hailed as one of the worldā€™s foremost authorities on the history of the cocktail and one of the founders of the modern craft cocktail movement. Ā Ā Lew Bryson who is currently a Senior Drinks Writer for The Daily Beast, and is also a columnist for Craft Spirits magazine. He is the author of Tasting Whiskey. Ā Steve Bashore who is the Director of Historic Trades and head distiller at George Washingtonā€™s Mount Vernon. Ā Sam Komlenic who has been the copy editor for Whisky Advocate magazine for 15 years, led and navigated the evening’s discussion. Ā Old Overholt Bonded Straight Rye Whiskey welcomed all in attendance. Ā Aleasha Monroe, head distiller, was introduced to the crowd. Ā As dinner was served talk began of the history of whiskey and more particularly rye whiskey in Pennsylvania. Ā For almost an hour an a half thoughts and facts were exchanged. Ā Breaks were taken to toast the featured rye whiskeys from throughout the state. Ā First Liberty Pole Rye Whiskey, followed by Stoll and Wolfe Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey and then Dad’s Hat Monogahela Rye Whiskey. Ā For the first time West Overton Distilling Monogahela Rye Whiskey was tasted. Ā The discussion got the most heated on the topic of what defines the Monoghahela style or brand. Ā Listen to this episode as Aleasha and Sam deconstruct the festivities. Ā We discuss some of the highlights and taste the 3 expressions that are now on sale only at West Overton Distilling. Ā 

Brewscuits is the sponsor of the podcast. Ā Be sure to check them out at www.brewscuits.com. Ā Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

109 W. Overton Road, Scottdale, PA 15683 (907) 229-7942 www.westovertonvillage.org Facebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Distilled Spirits Council

Lisa Roper Wicker – Widow Jane Distillery

Vendome Copper and Brass Works

Leopold Brothers

Episode 73 – Caledonia Spirits – Sam Nelis

This episode features Sam Nelis of Caledonia Spirits.

We met Amy Casale at the Philadelphia Flower Show in 2019. Ā Dressed in a Bee costume, she introduced us to Barr Hill Gin and we immediately fell in love with the spirits. Ā We finally made it up to Montpelier, Vermont the home of the Barr Hill lineup. Ā The distillery was founded by a bee keeper, Todd Hardie. Ā He is passionate about the land and agriculture, as well as, what bees were bringing to the area. Ā Todd partnered with Ryan Christiansen who had a home-brew store. Ā In the beginning they came together and produced mead. Ā Soon, they began focusing their attention on gin which began winning awards. Ā The honey takes center stage and leads the way to make their special spirits amazing. Ā Bees, as Sam explains, are the Angels of Agriculture. Ā We had a fantastic time sitting down with Sam and discussing all things Caledonia Spirits. Ā This is most certainly a destination that you want to put on your travel bucket list.

We welcome Brewscuits as a sponsor of the podcast. Ā Be sure to check them out at www.brewscuits.com. Ā Type in Fermented Adventure at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

116 Gin Ln, Montpelier, VT 05602 –(802) 472-8000 www.caledoniaspirits.com Facebook

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Highlights from our discussion:

Philadelphia Flower Show

Bee The Change

Bees Knees Week

New York International Spirits Competition

Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition

Montpelier, VT

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