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Evening With The Experts

Join West Overton Village and Museums for a dinner and a spirited conversation about the history and future of Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey! Their panel of experts will dive into a specific question: What exactly defines Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey? They will cover everything from the subsistence farming of the early 1800’s, through the dry years of Prohibition and into the present. Are the makings of a PA Rye that of taste, mash bill, terroir, provenance or maybe even marketing speak? Who gets to decide? They will try to solve this debate once and for all (or at least go out swinging!). This lively panel-style fundraiser will entertain and educate both whiskey connoisseurs and casual imbibers. Gain a better understanding of Rye Whiskey’s roots, and come away with interesting perspectives for your next bottle share.

Visit their website for detailed information: https://www.westovertonvillage.org/#fundraiser

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