What Apps Is Legally Blonde on

Reese Witherspoon is hilarious in this charmer about a dirty sister from Los Angeles named Elle. She goes to Harvard Law School to win back her boyfriend and struggles to fit in with snobs and intellectuals. But she soon discovers that she may have what it takes to be a good lawyer. Luke Wilson, Selma Blair, Victor Garber, Holland Taylor. Thank you for contacting us! Our developers are currently working on new levels, stories, and features. Stay tuned for future game updates! Better bend and snap on to spread Legally Blonde while you can. We also invite you to stay in touch via the following social media channels: Welcome to the world of Legally Blonde. Play challenging puzzles, rearrange your character, renovate your apartment, and make important narrative decisions as you climb the legal ladder and earn your place in the city`s best law firm! Meet your idol, make lifelong friends and defeat your rivals in thrilling legal battles! Customize your character and appearance, add and try out your favorite fashion, hairstyle, makeup and accessories options and see the reel conquer the world. Then, renovate and customize your apartment and office to add that personal touch to your personal space when you start in your humble residence before scaling up and moving into the villa of your dreams! Solve match 3 levels with fantastic and unique bonus tiles, obstacles and more! RENOVATE and PERSONALIZE your home and personal space! DECIDE your fate in the juicy and exciting tale set in the legal blonde world! CUSTOMIZE your look with lots of character clothing options! CUSTOMIZE your character and make it stand out from the rest! Legal Blonde: The game is free, with in-game items that can be purchased for real money.

Support: www.playsidestudios.com/supportPrivacy Politics: www.playsidestudios.com/privacy-policy Great game, cool plot, beautiful challenges. Works very well. When will there be more chapters??? Vampire Diaries giant Matt Davis has been cast as the male lead in the CW Cult pilot, TVGuide.com confirmed. Deadline first reported the news. In the drama.   I LOVE this game, playing very fast. I reached level 250 in 3 days because the game is addictive. The only problem I have is that it takes TOO many stars to move on to the next chapter and case. You give 15 to 20 stars just to open the next chapter, and then another 5 stars to read the dossier. It`s 20-25 stars, which means you need 75 stars to complete 3 tasks! Can we reduce the number of stars for chapters like 2-3? The chapter and the case work is excellent, you feel like a semi-lawyer in the courtroom. I love the game, but I only like to read the chapter when I can play it.

I have to play the game for 2 days just to get enough stars to be able to see 1-2 tasks. Please decrease the star rating, the game is great! I downloaded it without realizing it was a proper game, my fault, and I hate the corresponding games. But I went ahead and tried to play it and even lost about $25 when I tried to play. That may be great, but there are a few issues – first and foremost, the right game and the stars. The stars needed to move forward are absolutely outrageous. Only earn 1 star per level, but then it takes 10 or 20 stars just to open a chapter (what. nothing but open it), then 3 or 4 stars just to go through a chapter at each stage. It`s too much. I really want to keep playing to see where the story goes, but I don`t want to play 30-40 levels of a match just to get through each very short chapter.

The second problem is the cash premium and the cost of items. The game won`t allow you to earn enough to even make the premium decisions in a chapter, let alone buy the decent furniture and clothes. $9.99 to buy only 2100 Premium Cash, but then only a sofa or table costs 1600 each, that`s unbalanced for a game like this. Even with the right game, I would love this game if the star requirements and item cost were more balanced! Hello, thank you for your support. We will continue to work to provide a good user experience! I`m looking forward to new levels 😭😭😭, I know you`re probably really working – well done for a super successful game. I`m in love. For more information and troubleshooting tips, visit our help page. Our development team will certainly take your opinion into account and improve the game. Thank you for your support and give us more stars! Hi, we`re sorry you had this issue.