What Is Company Law and Secretarial Practice

What exactly is a company? How is it set up? How does it work? This simple course starts from the beginning with practical examples and exercises. Delegates gain in-depth knowledge of company law and the role of the secretariat team. Effective Secretaries-General are more valuable than ever. However, this value depends on current skills, contacts and expertise. This corporate secretary course is an essential introduction for newcomers – or the perfect refresher for secretaries who want to deepen their engagement and value. This course takes participants through the basics of corporate law using plain language and everyday examples. We cover the life of the company, its legal obligations and its day-to-day operations. Please send a screenshot and the browser you are using to Enrollment Marketing and Communications and we will work to resolve the issue. Your help is greatly appreciated! Company Secretary Act 2013: Qualifications – Appointments and dismissals – Position of General Secretary – Duties and responsibilities of a company secretary. Effective Secretaries-General are more valuable than ever. However, this value depends on current skills, contacts and expertise. We have a range of courses to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to take the first step into the world of corporate secretarial work.

UK law imposes unique requirements on PLCs and the teams that manage them. This intensive course, taught by experts, covers the essential knowledge and activities of the successful corporate secretary. Companies that do not keep clear records often find themselves in financial and legal difficulty. The problem is knowing exactly what documents should be kept – and for how long. This course explores the importance of a robust records retention policy and the risks of not having one. Trust comes from knowledge. At the end of the course, you will understand:. Course objective: To enlighten the student`s knowledge of corporate law. Act 2013 – Prospectus – Definitions – Content – Prospectus adopted – Misrepresentation in prospectus – Directors, including women directors – Types of directors – Administrator identification number (DIN) – Qualification and challenge of directors – Appointment of directors – Removal of directors – Remuneration of directors – Powers of directors – Duties and responsibilities of directors. Creation and promotion of companies: foundation – importance – certification of the foundation. Companies Act 2013 – Types of companies – Articles of association – Service – Subject matter – Amendment of the memorandum – Ultra vires doctrine – Articles of Association – Service – Forms – Content – Amendment of the Article – Relationship between the Articles of Association and the Memorandum – Doctrine of constructive opinion – Doctrine of internal management – Exceptions to the doctrine of internal management. 1956 Act – Liquidation: understanding, types of liquidation – Compulsory liquidation – Voluntary liquidation – Types of voluntary liquidation – Voluntary liquidation of partners – Voluntary liquidation of creditors – Liquidation under judicial supervision – Consequences of liquidation (General).

Staff Meeting Types Act, 2013 – Authorized Representative – Quorum – Chair – – Announcement – Agenda – Minutes – Videoconference Meetings – Circulation Voting – Postal Voting – Electronic Voting. If you want to organize a tailor-made training for your organization or group, the institute can help you. Please contact Enrollment Marketing and Communications and provide us with the address of the page and we will resolve the issue. Your help is greatly appreciated! All delegates arrive at a similar level and no previous experience is required. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates on training resources, new governance guides, events and access to exclusive downloads. Instructors use interactive case studies and lecture notes to delve deeper into key topics. It is also possible to discuss specific topics that affect your organization. Part III – Core-7 COMPANY LAW AND SECRETARIAT PRACTICE This one-day course explains how to make the most of board and committee meetings, record retention, and important issues surrounding stock and shareholder relations.