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The cost of living dataset provides an estimate of the cost of living for 322 cities worldwide in 2013. In addition to the total cost of living index, the rent index, the food index, the restaurant index and the local purchasing power index, which measures the relative purchasing power of the purchase of goods and services in a city compared to the average wage in that city. Can the total cost of living index be reconstructed from the four constituent indices? Here is a multiple regression result: The dependent variable is: CPI R-squared = 97.34% = 97.34 %=97.34% R-squared (adjusted) = 97.30% = 97.30 %=97.30% s = 4.562 s = 4.562 = 4.562 with 322−5 = 317322-5 = 317322 −5 = 317 degrees of freedom variable coeff SE(coeff) ratio t value p Restaurant Index 0.4183520.01545927.063<0.00010.4183520 .015459 quad 27.063<0.00010.4183520.01545927.063 <0.0001 Local purchasing power index −0.0176990.007901−2.2400.0258-0.0176990 .007901-2.240 quad 0.0258−0.0176990.007901−2.2400.0258 Specialized measures are sometimes used in certain industries. For example, the book-to-bill ratio for semiconductor manufacturers is closely monitored. A ratio of 0.93 means that for every $100 chip shipped over a given period, only $93 of new orders were received. In November 2013, the ratio of new orders to revenues for the semiconductor equipment industry was 1.11 compared to 1.05 in October 2013. The book-to-bill ratio reached a low of 0.75 in October 2012 and a high of 1.23 in July 2010. The three-month average of global bookings in November 2013 was $1.24 billion, an increase of 10.1% compared to October 2013, while the three-month average billings were $1.11 billion, down 4.0% from October 2013. What is this ratio supposed to measure? Why do you think it is followed so strictly? Rent index 0.0246110.0196501.2520.2113 Food Index 0.5265190.02086225.238<0.0001begin{array}{lrrr}text { Rent Index } & 0.024611 & 0.019650 & 1.252 & 0.2113 text { Groceries Index } & 0.526519 & 0.020862 & 25.238 & <0.0001end{array} Rent Index Groceries Index 0.0246110.5265190.0196500.0208621.25225.2380.2113<0.0001 The meaning and validity of the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) have been discussed for several years. Use the Internet to research some of the issues surrounding SAT. Next, write an essay outlining your position on using the SAT as part of the college admissions process. Add references to your search to support your position. c) Why did the researcher remove the rent index from the model? Is it good to have a high inventory turnover? Calculate EAR [LO4]color{#c34632}text{[LO4]}[LO4] Find the AER in each of the following cases: What natural resources gave Hungary an advantage in establishing itself as an independent nation? Intercept 12.7565750.77159216.533<0.0001quad 12.7565750 .771592 quad 16.533<0.000112.7565750.77159216.533<0.0001 Assuming the assumptions and conditions of this model are met.